Leg Sleeve Tattoo:

Leg Sleeve Tattoo:

Top 85 Best Leg Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Sleeves are big steps in any tattoo lover’s quest for full coverage, and full leg tattoos are just as important as those placed on the arms. Any number of concepts and designs can be utilized and leg sleeve tattoo ideas are as varied and diverse as the people that wear them.Lionel Messi Gets Inked Again, Goes FuLeo Messi's got a brand new tattoo, and it's... it's something. The 29-year-old Argentine has drastically changed his appearance over the last few years, moving from clean-cut boy-next-door to tatted, bearded blond Man-Messi. Here's how his appearance has shifted over the last decade. (Source:ll Black Leg Sleeve

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30 Insanely Hot Leg Sleeve Tattoos

A full leg sleeve tattoo is a commitment of your time, money, and patience. The process will test your courage and your pain threshold. It typically takes three or more sessions to complete your full-leg masterpiece, and you’ll have to bear the burden of waiting for completion.

Legs are an excellent location for a tattoo design because they are easily shown off or covered up, depending on your mood or the occasion. There's also plenty of space to fill, especially on the fleshy thigh area, although unless you often wear short shorts and skirts, it won't be seen very often. The calf also works great for smaller works; other places such as the ankle and knee can also play host to subtle body art. These areas don't have much protective muscle or tissue though, so be prepared for some pain!

We spoke to Swedish tattoo artist Sebastian Quick to get some insights on leg tattoos, as well as the art in general, to give you an idea of what to expect when planning your next tattoo. "Personally, I specialize more and more in rather large tattoos," Sebastian told Bored Panda.


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