laugh now cry later tattoo skulls

laugh now cry later tattoo skulls

laugh now cry later tattoo

The term "laugh now, cry later" was made famous by rapper Ice Cube, but the design is much older than he is. You might also call it a drama mask, or "the comedy and tragedy masks," "Sock and Buskin," or just theater masks, since you often see them depicted in old theaters. They may be quite old, in fact: The tragic face might be the muse Melpomene's, and the happy one might represent the muse Thalia from Greek mythology. (Source: tatring.com)

"Laugh now, cry later" tattoos portray two faces or two masks that have expressions that represent opposing or different emotions. This design is sometimes associated with gangs and referred to as a gang tattoo. Although it may be true, the design can also represent a lot more. (Source: tatring.com)

Browse through hundreds designs—the more, the better. Remember, you're planning to wear this for the rest of your life. Make sure you take the time to find a design that you're sure to always like. You don't want to go through the process of cover-ups and laser removal, trust me. (Source: tatring.com) More Enchanting Google Tattoo Designs You now want to place the tattoo above your left elbow? Ok, remove the penholder and


The other day, I was looking at some modern tattoo ideas and came across this picture: L Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoos. What is it? This is one of the best tattoos on the body in the world, for many reasons. L Laugh Now Cry Later is an awesome tattoo idea, a work of art that I think is simply superb. There are many ways you can incorporate this into your body of tattoo, if you’re interested in it. (Source: www.bodytattooart.com)

This smile now cry later tattoo is another fine piece of art with a name written on the top of it. Here is the face of an innocent clown girl, with a sad face and teary eyes, holding a smiling mask in her hand. The whole design has a textured shading done in black ink, making it look like a sketch. However, the teardrops and eyes seem to have a glint of light. This tattoo illustrates a simple message that not every smiling face you see is happy! (Source: outsons.com) This wolf ears tattoo is a piece of art, with a lot of work put into it. The fur looks so realistic, with a beautiful pattern of


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