Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Fish Tattoo

Are you a fish? Then don't miss out on a great Koi fish tattoo idea. Fish represent a lot of things that people want. The ability to swim up, against the current. The ability to escape the harsh elements. Peace and tranquility. An encounter with nature. Perfect for those who love their fish as much as they love themselves! Blue Lips: Is the sea the only thing you love? Maybe you love the ocean or underwater life. The ocean and life's nature

The 75 Best Koi Fish Tattoo Designs for Men

Koi tattoos for men originate in Japanese culture. In the Japanese language, the word koi is what Japanese people call a carp fish. Koi is short for the longer word nishigikoi and these fish are an eccentric and beautiful creature. Koi fish are as colorful as can be, and they usually have a variety of shaded patterns along their fishy scales. (Source:

New Ideas 23+ Koi Fish Tattoo Design Small

New Ideas 23+ Koi Fish Tattoo Design Small - If you are searching for a tattoo design, you will love our collection of the best koi fish tattoo design small. These cool designs make up the best tattoos we have seen. But with so many different types of creative and unique tattoos, it can be tough choosing the perfect artwork for you. From our experience, the koi fish tattoo design small stem from timeless, classic ideas. (Source:

125 Koi Fish Tattoos With Meaning, Ranked by Popularity

In Japanese, ‘KOI’ translates to ‘carp’ or carp fish. However, just because the word carries a simple meaning doesn’t necessarily mean that koi fish do not possess any form of symbolism. The word ‘koi’ is taken from the Japanese word ‘nishigikoi’. Koi fish come in a whole spectrum of colors, and their scales are decorated with beautiful patterns. People keep koi fish in ponds and raise them as pets, and you can find pet stores that only sell koi fish. Koi fish are high-maintenance fish, and are very expensive to take care of. (Source: www.wildtattooart.com)

Gold Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo:

If you look for a tattoo that shines, glitters and is hard to ignore, then having this Tattoo koi fish tattoo images with a Gold Koi Fish will be the best option. Looking closely at the bright depicted scales of this fish, the ornate water lilies and the overall bright and colorful aura will portray the best part of the art of this tattoo. Typically, koi fish tattoo features a large, blue, splashing water background where a fish jumps out of the water and playfully splashing in it. A red Koi fish represents love, strength, masculinity, bravery, and energy. It is believed to be the strongest and can swim against strong currents. A blue one represents masculinity and fertility as well.

Traditional Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo:

Koi is a Japanese word for Carp. The koi tattoo is the traditional symbol used by the Japanese people over the years and years. Since ancient times, Japanese people used this design of Koi fish tattoo as their cultural symbol to overcome adversity. There remains a story behind this that says how these fishes were climbing waterfalls that have a strong current, and it was said that it is determined to reach the top of the waterfalls, which is preserved and succeeded. Traditional designs often include either Japanese maple leaves or lotus flowers in combination with the design. (Source: stylesatlife.com)


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