knuckle tattoos symbols

knuckle tattoos symbols

knuckle tattoos

Knuckle tattoos are a common placement choice for men. Whether you’re thinking about small individual designs on the fingers and knuckles or a larger piece that encompasses the entirety of the hand, the possibilities are endless. Use each finger as an individual canvas that relates to a larger idea, paying homage to a figure on each finger. (Source: nextluxury.com)

Play with illustrative designs on the knuckles. Since hands are one of the most prominent places, make sure you’re set on the piece, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it! (Source: nextluxury.com)

Knuckle tattoos don’t have to be an extravagant affair. Using minimal illustration or focusing the design on a single finger can add a little embellishment. Stick with thinner needles in order to ensure that the lines don’t blur and bleed, especially since the artist should go over a few times to get the ink to stick. You can use linework for added flair on the knuckles, with minimalist dotwork or symbolism. If your artist is particularly skilled it’s possible to have incredibly realistic pieces in a remarkably small space. (Source: nextluxury.com)

Geometric designs are also a great choice to combine with black filler, allowing you to utilize the negative space to create an image.The heavy black inking might be painful due to the intensity with which it should be inked. And be sure to lotion regularly in order to maintain a consistent black. (Source: nextluxury.com)

Linework knuckle tattoos are a great choice for creating a coherent tattoo sleeve that blends among the body. Stick with a traditional tribal pattern for a simple but bold design. Or explore a more intricate design reminiscent of a henna tattoo. You can also incorporate linework with another design. One of the best parts of linework is that it will move with the motions of your knuckles so there’s a lot of potential for creative and unique designs. (Source: nextluxury.com) Scivering ones finger could represent an aggressive nature wanting to take ownership of you. If mad dash finger could be ink during the heat of the moment


For the past decade the hands have become a popular spot to sport some extensive ink and the knuckles have proven to be the "medium of the message". A place where people have been able to make a double fisted statement about something they feel passionate about. (Source: www.inkedmag.com The most popular knuckle tattoo is the words “love” and “hate” tattooed on the knuckles. It came from the movie The Night of the Hunter from the 50’s. (Source:www.tattooeasily.com))

We at tattooeasily.com believe that tattoos have really come of age. It is not only popular but today the tattooing techniques and implements used for tattooing are of good quality. What this means is that not only is it acceptable to express the way you feel and stand out among the crowd by getting a tattoo, but it is safer too. (Source: www.tattooeasily.com)

Popular designs include one eight-letter word or two groups of four-letter words, such as Harry Powell’s LOVE/HATE tattoo in the 1955 film The Night of the Hunter. Even fan favorite WWE wrestler CM Punk has a knuckle tattoo that says DRUG/FREE. (Source: tattoolikethepros.com)

Other popular variations are HARD/CORE and LONE/WOLF. Symbols and images in groups of four (such as the four symbols of a deck of playing cards, representing good luck) are also popular choices. Astrological symbols are very popular as well. (Source: tattoolikethepros.com) If you have a large tattoo on a visible spot on your body, there is a good chance that a tattoo artist will offer an aftercare program.


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