King Crown Tattoo

King Crown Tattoo

Unique Crown Tattoo Designs to Embrace Royalty!

These days, people are adopting this trend to a great extent. This is so because it’s more expressive and one can relate to it easily. Crown tattoos are opted for by both genders. Its obvious symbol is that of royalty. But it serves to represent different concepts for different individuals. It is mostly chosen because of the large number of variations that can be made in its design. You can get a simple crown tattoo or add embellishments to it. There are manifold crown tattoo ideas for you to explore before you get inked with one. You can make it feminine or masculine, and so on. In general, it represents power, supremacy, and might – all of which are factors that individuals strive to achieve.

Large Crowns Tattoo With Stones:

Crown tattoo designs have a lot of flexibility in the sense that you can make them a simple black silhouette or make them large and detailed. Spanning across centuries, rulers have worn crowns ranging from simple halos made of olive branches to exquisite velvet crowns embellished with precious gems. So depending on your taste and style, you can choose the kind of crown tattoo you want.

Embellished Sleeve Crown Tattoo With Flowers:

A crown tattoo design generally includes other elements such as flowers, letters and so on. Such elements add to its charm and overall looks. A crown alone is seldom used by people who are looking to get an attractive tattoo to adorn their bodies. A crown tattoo with precious stones and flowers around it is more their cup of tea. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Skull Crown Tattoo on Arm:

People interested in the macabre often get a skull tattooed with the crown. The crown adds a regal look to their tattoo and makes its meaning clearer and strengthens the message it is relating. There are other added elements too, but the traditional crown tattoo gives the skull the kingship it was lacking previously. Once you get a tattoo on your body, people start recognizing you by it, and it becomes an integral part of your personality.

Couple Crown Tattoos on Hands:

A king is nothing without a queen. What more a way to connect with each other as partners for life and have a feel of royalty by way of body art. Thus couple tattoos are a common crown tattoo design too! You can choose the kind of crown which has one female counterpart and one male. This is one of the popular and unique crown tattoos for couples. It is an interesting way to showcase the strength of your relationship. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Crown Tattoo With Cross:

Christians believe that Jesus was crucified with a crown of thorns upon his head. Many religious fanatics get a crowned cross tattooed upon their arms. This crown tattoo symbolizes their deep-seated faith in Jesus and the miracles he can perform. Again many people may opt for this crown traditional tattoo design to represent their struggles and not the Christian meaning behind it. Whether you are religious or not, this tattoo is a sure shot to get public attention, making you stand out among the crowd.



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