Joker Tattoo:

Joker Tattoo:


Joker Tattoo:

Joker Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Joker was originally synonymous to clown. The funny red nosed characters that are meant to make everyone laugh. But ever since the batman series came out as comics and movies, the word ‘joker’ conjures up just one image in everyone’s mind, Heath Ledger, giving his unbelievably stunning performance in the dark knight. Even if you don’t see heath ledger, you certainly see the joker, the archenemy of Batman. Thus joker tattoos sport scenes from the duels between batman and joker. Certain innovative variations can be brought in these designs but they are mainly heath ledger or other jokers from the batman comics and movies.

Girl Joker Tattoo Design:

This joker tattoos for women are quite trendy in men also. These kinds of jokers tattoos carry the image of how the person actually is. You can choose the face type as you are willing i.e. funny, sad, scary, wicked, happy, entertaining etc. Rather than using bright colors, cool colors are highly used with dark highlights. The girly joker tattoo with sad or scary expression is highly popular in last few years. The girls generally carry this tattoo on their leg, back, shoulder, and waist. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Jester Joker Tattoos Design:

This kind of joker face tattoo has a long history. They are famously known as the prankster joker. They are carried by people who love to play pranks, and are full of fun. The main attraction of this tattoo is the cloth hat with three bells hanging around and the broad smile which opens the mouth wide from ears to ears. The darken eyes and the teeth peeping out of the broad mouth with bright white color add to its fine finishing touch.

Joker Dragon Tattoo on Full Body:

The dragon is a symbol of power and strength. Hence, this joker tattoo meaning is power, nobility and magic. This tattoo shows the strength of the person wearing the tattoo. This colorful joker dragon tattoo design is very attractive to wrestlers, militants, army men etc. This tattoo can also be made with dark black ink with grey shades. This can also be a symbol of magical and spiritual qualities. These types of joker tattoos are widely worn on the back, lower back and chest as it gives a broad area.

Joker Card Tattoo on Hand:

Instead of the joker face you can make your design with the help of a joker card. You can bring out the misery of the joker by making the joker on your card an agonized character rather than a cheery one. This type of tattoo is inspired by the cards i.e. the spades. This tattoo best suits on the arm, but is also made on the back, legs and the lower back. This is one of the simplest joker tattoo designs forever for men who love to playing cards.

Joker Phrase Tattoo on Chest:

The most famous catch phrase of the joker is ‘why so serious?’ A unique design involves this phrase with its words placed such that it makes up the joker’s face! The design is as complicated as it sounds so you need the genius to construct it but once made it looks and reads amazing! People are bound to turn and look again at your tattoo before beginning their strings of praise for it! (Source: stylesatlife.com)


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