Jesus Tattoo:

Jesus Tattoo:


Jesus Tattoo:

Jesus tattoo designs are for religious fanatics. These tattoos portray Jesus in all phases of his life. You can choose an image of Jesus being born or Jesus as a shepherd or even Jesus being crucified. You can make the tattoo realistic or keep it a simple black outline or silhouette. Also, you can make it large or small. (Source:

Jesus Tattoo With Heart and Flowers:

This Jesus faces tattoo is a combination of Jesus' face, heart, and flowers. The heart is a symbol of love; hence, this tattoo indicates one's love for Jesus. The flowers inked are roses that symbolize balance, promise, and hope, which indicate that Jesus promises to be with you forever. While the joint hand symbolizes someone offering prayers to Jesus. The slogan written at the end of the tattoo expresses the way one is leaving his life.

Jesus Hand Tattoo With Slogans:

This Jesus tattoo shows one’s devotion towards religion and Jesus. This tattoo includes Jesus Christ behind a cross and sun rays. To add to its beauty, a slogan saying “In God, We Trust” is mentioned to show the dedication towards spirituality. The grey shades given to the tattoo gives it an eternal look. This tattoo can also be made using various colours but when created with black and grey, it gives its best look on your sleeves. (Source:

Small Jesus Cross Tattoo on Finger:

Sometimes Jesus tattoo need not have Jesus in it. A simple, small black cross symbolizes the essence of Jesus just as well as his agonized face does. This kind of tattoo can be worn anywhere from upon your fingers to your toes. This simple symbol expresses your love for Jesus. It is widely carried out by the teens of the colleges. This symbol is widely carried out in dark black color as it looks more impressive in it. This is one of the best small Jesus tattoo designs forever for girls.

Dedicated Cross With Wings Jesus Tattoo:

This tattoo is a masterpiece combining two tattoos at a time. On the one hand, this tattoo includes the cross with wings showing eternity while on the other hand, it has a memorable date and name mentioned, which indicates the loss of a loved one. The wings on the cross symbolize that the person to whom this tattoo is dedicated was an angel for him. The cross indicates that he/she now resides in heaven by the grace of Jesus and the date indicates the day when he left this world. These types of tattoos are now becoming popular worldwide, especially among Christian families.

Bleeding Jesus Tattoo on Forearm:

This kind of Jesus tattoo design is getting fame due to its colour combination used. This bleeding Jesus faces tattoo shows the pain Jesus had faced before he was crucified. It symbolises the pain carried out by human beings for religion and humanity against evil. This tattoo also gives the message that after facing several problems, the good always gains victory against evil. The various colors used to make this tattoo livelier. The blood drops inked are effectively showing the pain Jesus suffered.

Simple Jesus Name Tattoo on Wrist:

A simple Jesus word tattoo is just the name Jesus in a particular style of writing. Sometimes people add other embellishments like stars or patterns around it. But most people choose to keep it as simple as possible. This kind of tattoo can be made out of several attractive fonts. The curves and the cross add to its beauty. This tattoo can be carried out on the hand, neck, back or wrist. It looks prettier when colors are added to it. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Tribal Christ Jesus Tattoo:

This Jesus tribal tattoo attracts the people who want small delicate tattoos on their body. This tattoo shows tribal tattoo effects. The design is made with beautiful curves, which makes it more adorable. This tattoo is a small piece of the spiritual symbol which can be carried on the wrist, back, neck or shoulder. This tattoo mostly attracts the girls towards having it. The tattoo shows Jesus Chris in a crucified form which is widely grabbing popularity. (Source: stylesatlife.com)


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