japanese dragon mythology

japanese dragon mythology

Japanese dragon

A Japanese dragon tattoo is not really about the dragon tattoo, it's about the story that goes along with it. Often, dragons are associated with strength, energy, and power. Like many tattoo designs, a Japanese dragon tattoo can represent the story or a memory associated with the wearer.tattoo designs As with any tattoo, you can find a Japanese dragon tattoo anywhere. You can find quite a few designs on the internet.


Japan has a rich history of tattooing and the Japanese dragons have been a part of this history as traditional Japanese tattoo designs come in various shapes and sizes that cater to the needs of everyone. However, it is said that prior to the Edo period, tattoos in Japan were inked on criminals, which is why even to this day, the Yakuza and other gangs sport the different coloured dragons like the yellow dragons, blue dragons, green dragons, black dragons, and gold dragons.

outsons.com)Since dragons have been a part of Japanese folklore, they are used as the symbol for good luck, freedom, balance, and success. In total there are six dragons in Japanese mythology, the Hai-Ryu is the largest dragon in the world and has stripes on its body. The Kai-Ryu is red in colour and is smaller than the other dragons. The Sue-Ryu is considered to be the dragon king who controls the rain. The Ri-Ryu is not well known to the world. The Hai-Ryu is known as a dragon bird and is the inspiration behind the popular phoenix tattoo designs. Fuku-Ryu is known as the symbol of good luck. Dragons are parts of different cultures too, as the Chinese dragon is the symbol of good luck, strength, and power. (Source:


Tattoo ideas like this art can be a great leg tattoo but the size gives you a few other options as well, as you can get this inked on your shoulder, chest, or back of the body. You can also get your tattoo artist to mixed in other styles to the design or add creative writing to the tattoo’s body to add different meanings to the tattoo to make yours different than the usual popular tattoo choice.

As is the case with tattoos, the flexibility of designs is great to get the best out of them as you can add your own elements to these Japanese dragon tattoos to create your own version or you can throw in other creatures like the snake, or the koi fish or change the red colour band to blue as you take inspiration from your own life in an effort to your own art style in the vast Japanese dragon tattoos and ideas. (Source: outsons.com)



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