Hummingbird Tattoo:

Hummingbird Tattoo:

Hummingbird Tattoo:

What Does the Hummingbird Symbolize?

The hummingbird is a tremendously versatile tattoo motif and is popular in connecting a variety of ink styles and techniques. The hummingbird represents variations on positivity and is most often associated with symbols of good luck, joy, freedom and optimism. (Source: nextluxury.com)

Awesome Hummingbird Tattoos Meaning, Design Ideas and Photos

Hummingbird tattoos are among the most popular bird tattoo designs. People choose this bird for its beauty and grace. Hummingbirds are the smallest, but perhaps the most beautiful and interesting birds on earth. They belong to those species that do not live in all parts of the planet and therefore the meaning of the tattoos is not as universal as the meaning of other symbols. These birds are interesting for their size, anatomy and other features. For example, the smallest one has a length of less than 6 cm, and its mass barely exceeds one and a half grams. Nowadays about three hundred species of hummingbirds are known, and each of them has a unique color, a different tail shape and other features. (Source: deavita.net)

What Is the Right Place on the Body for Hummingbird Tattoos?

Before going to a studio, one should think about how the tattoo will look on his body. Tiny hummingbird tattoos can be placed anywhere but large designs require more space. It depends on the size and type of bird where it is best to place it. If you chose a hummingbird with a long tail, then it is worth starting the drawing either from the shoulder all over the arm or from the hip to the shin. If the tattoo is large with a lot of details and other elements like flowers or a colorful background, then it should be placed on the back or shoulders, sides. Another good option is a design in which the head begins in the area between the shoulder blades, and the tip of the tail falls to the waist line. (Source: deavita.net)

80 Hummingbird Tattoo Designs for Me

A fantastic upper arm tattoo mixing abstract design concepts with brilliantly executed watercolor fill. The strafing black lines are a great illustration of reeds, adding strength to the delicate color scheme. The birds themselves play it straight – they’re etched cleanly in traditional shade and form opposition to the brightness found elsewhere through the long, flowing art that does a nice job avoiding the subject’s other tattoos.

While it may not be as sexy and exciting as some other hummingbird tattoos in this article, this bird is no less brilliant. It’s a tremendous example of precision animal realist art, looking like it’s been pulled straight out of an illustrated bird watcher’s handbook. It’s almost flawless in relating accurate color and line details displaying the hummingbird’s true likeness. The skill level displayed in ruffled orange plumage stands out as almost flawless technical skill. (Source: nextluxury.com)


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