How Much Do Tattoos Cost:

How Much Do Tattoos Cost:


How Much Do Tattoos Cost:

Tattoo Prices: Knowing How Much Your Tattoo Will Cos

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. Tattoo artists, friends, or people, in general, will urge you to sit on your decision of getting a tattoo. Unlike a new hairdo or a new outfit, getting a tattoo is permanent. It’s not something you get to erase or change when you feel like it. So before you decide to get one, think hard and long about how much you’re willing to spend on it.

What Are the Starting Prices for Simple Tattoos?

When it comes to simple and small tattoos (like a simple outline), the starting price varies between $60 to $100. The price counts for small, simple outline tattoos, that include only the black color and maybe some shading or few details. For example, for the starting price, you can get a tattoo like a heart, a star, a small ‘name’ or ‘word’ tattoo, etc.

What Are the Most Expensive Tattoos?

Some of the most expensive and time-consuming tattoos include the ones called ‘sleeve tattoos’. These tattoos are called the ‘full back’, ‘full leg’ or ‘full arm’ tattoos, obviously depending on the body part they are to occupy. These tattoos can take up to several months to finish, and if they include color and shading, they can even increase in price. Of course, bear in mind that the final cost of a full sleeve tattoo requires a tip for the tattoo artist, which is usually 15% to 30% of the final cost. But, surely, the most expensive tattoo one can get is a full body tattoo. The price for such an endeavor can go higher than $100,000, not including the tip for the tattoo artists themselves. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

Which Factors Dictate the Tattoo Price?

Artist expertise and experience – the higher the expertise and experience of a tattoo artist, the higher the price of the tattoo! That is the general practice of seemingly every serious tattoo shop. So, if you think getting a tattoo is expensive, remember that the tattoo artist is responsible for putting a permanent piece of body art on your body. So they better be charging you for that, because chances are they will be exceptional.

How Much Do Henna Tattoos Cost?

This style of markings goes back over 5000 years ago. One of the reasons this style of tattooing is so popular goes beyond the intricate designs but more so the expression of luck and happiness that these “tattoos” offer. In addition to getting a henna tattoo, henna tattoos are using by Blessingways, people in battle, childbirth and weddings.Because henna designs are known for their beauty and intricacy, many opt to get these designs permanently etched into their skin. The designs are made of delicate line work, woven together to create artwork that reflects the culture of India.Much like a mandala design, which is often included in henna tattoos, the lines interconnect and expand out, forming various symbols. Common images used in traditional designs are beaming suns, flowers and mandalas, arches and dotted patterns, peacocks and their plumage, as well as lotus flowers.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost in the Philippines?

The Philippine peso goes for around 50 to 1 USD. Getting a tattoo used to be frowned upon in the Philippines because they thought only criminals and drug abusers had them. Things have changed over the years and thanks to the progressive movement, art is another way that one can express themselves. A fun fact about tattooing here is about the legendary Maria “Whang Od” Oggay. She is the oldest traditional tattoo artists in the Philippines. As of early 2019, she is 102 years old and is still tattooing in the traditional ways. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)


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