Hip Tattoos:

Hip Tattoos:


Hip Tattoos:

50+ Chic & Sexy Hip Tattoos for Wome

Because of the growing complexity of the modern tattoo scene, choosing the right ink piece can be a challenge. From watercolor tattoos to black & gray designs, there is a plethora of styles to choose from, with skilled and creative artists who beautifully blend traditional and new designs. It’s also very important to consider the placement of the tattoo, so that the end result will combine aesthetics and symbolism to enrich your body canvas with a work of art that fully represents you. It can get a little dizzying to keep up with, so we’re here to help with the coolest tattoo ideas you’ll find online. Let’s get started with some baddass hip tattoos for women that will blow your socks off.

Hip Tattoos – the Perfect Placement for That Seductive Look You’ve Been Looking For

Why are more and more women opting for hip tattoos? While your hips may not be the most obvious location for a tattoo, this area is considered to be one of the most attractive and sensual, adding charisma to your sex appeal. Their ability to compliment feminine curves has made them incredibly sought- after over the last few years. (Source:

Why Get Hip Tattoos?

Hip tattoos can be playful, feminine, as well as colorful. They are usually quite small and delicate, which makes them ideal for women who prefer minimalistic pieces. You can enjoy a bright hip tattoo and express its meaning however you like! You can also fully customize it per your preference.

78 Sexy Hip Tattoos That You Are Sure to Love

Tattoos are amazing for many different reasons, one of which is because they can make a certain area of the body very alluring and interesting. Hip tattoos can be very sexy and seductive if they are done properly. If you are looking for something different, then a hip tattoo may be just what you are looking for.

90+ Creative and Artistic Hip & Waist Tattoos

Nothing is sexier in the realm of tattoos more than a superiorly inked piece of body art wrapped around a woman’s hip or waist. Creative ideas can be seemingly endless for this area of the body, and finding the right design can take time. This is why we’ve composed a photo gallery of 95 creative and artistic hip and waist tattoos that will help you out on your journey finding that right piece of body ink. You’ll get a general idea of what both large and small tats on the waist and hips look like, whether you want to embark on covering a larger area of skin, and what kind of designs will be right for your personality. (Source: www.styleinterest.com)


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