Harry Styles Tattoos:

Harry Styles Tattoos:

Every Tattoo on Harry Styles Body That Isn't Fake

Celebrities love tattoos. (Just take a look at Dr. Woo's roster of A-lister ink.) It's almost weekly that we hear about star-studded couples going in for matching designs or Justin Bieber adding yet another piece of artwork to his collection. But unlike other celebs who immediately take to social media before the bandage even goes on, Harry Styles' ink is so evasive, you'd never guess he had so many.

A Star on His Arm.

Harry’s first ever tattoo was a star on his inner left arm. It started out as just an outline, but the singer eventually had it filled in with black ink. Many fans assume that he got the tat in honor of his 18th birthday and that it has no meaning, while others believe that the five-point design as a tribute to the five members of One Direction. Aww, we’re going to go with the latter.

‘si’ and ‘no’ on His Knees.

In the same month, Harry was also spotted with four new small tattoos on his knees. They’re pretty hard to make out, but fans are convinced two of them say “Si” and “No” in script. We’re unfortunately not too sure about other two, or about the meaning behind these ones, but hopefully Harry gives us some insight soon!

An Eagle on His Arm.

www.j-14.com)An EagAnd he covered up his “Things I can” tattoo near one year later! Harry replaced it with a giant, majestic eagle ink design instead. Since the singer got the tat right around the time that One Direction went on their hiatus, some fans think it might symbolize him finally feeling free. Others think it’s a tribute to his ex girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, since he got it after they attended an Eagles concert together. (Source:le on His Arm.

The centerpiece of Styles’ left arm seems to be a pirate ship tattoo, another nautical traveling image like the swallows. Just below the ship is an anatomical heart and his “Late Late” James Cordon tattoo. Just above the ship is a triangle refracting light, the album art for Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. Below the triangle is a tuxedoed skeleton framed in a card, which apparently is just a cool-ass image he got on tour. The skeleton grins above two shaking hands.


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