Hand Tattoos for Women:

Hand Tattoos for Women:

Hand Tattoos for Women:

Top 73 Best Hand Tattoos for Some

While attitudes continue to change and the social stigma behind tattoos fades into the past, a hand tattoo retains a bit of its previous shock value. This is especially true for women.

Is It a Bad Idea for Women to Get a Hand Tattoo?

While much of the stigma surrounding visible tattoos has faded over the last twenty years, hand and finger tattoos remain somewhat controversial outside of a tattoo shop . However, for a woman that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, there are few things more compelling than a unique hand tattoo. Badass and beautiful tattoo isn’t confined to gender norms, so rock the skull knuckle tattoos, or the phoenix bird tattoo, rather than the traditional feminine tattoo design.

How Much Do Hand Tattoos Hurt?

Nextluxury.com)How much a tattoo hurts depends on the amount of fat and muscle that provide the “cushion” for a tattoo needle. The hands have little fat and are packed full of nerves making them one of the more painful locations for a tattoo. (Source:

Do Hand Tattoos Last?

While tattooing the back of the hand isn’t known for fading appreciably faster than other visible locations, ink on the sides of the fingers, palms of the hand, and knuckle tattoos are notorious for falling out and wearing away thanks to the constant use that these parts of the body are subject to. (Source: nextluxury.com)

21 Trending Beautiful Hand Tattoos for Wome

Female hand tattoos are very common among young girls these days. If done right, hand tattoos can be quite elegant and charming. Tattoo for girls on hand can say a lot about their personality traits, as people like to ink things on their skins that hold deep meanings for them. (Source:

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30+ Trending Hand Tattoos for Wome

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