Hand Tattoos for Men

Hand Tattoos for Men


Hand Tattoos for Men

Do Hand Tattoos Last?

Hand tattoos can be tricky affairs to get done in perfection. As with the tops of the feet, there are occasions that the ink can drop out, as the skin is so close to the bone. Tattoos on the back of the hand are the most likely to age gracefully than finger, knuckle, or side of hand tattoos, especially if they are deployed with bold blackwork.

Your hands get more exposure to the sun and water than any other body parts. That is why had tattoos fade faster.

How Much Does a Hand Tattoo Cost?

Hand tattoo pricing can run anywhere from the shop minimum – $50-$80 depending on the studio – for the smallest and easiest inked pieces, which can be over and done with in just a few minutes. Hand tattoo pricing starts at the shop minimum of $50-$150 for the smallest and easiest inked linework pieces. There are few things more compelling than a good hand tattoo – they never fail to draw a reaction from onlookers. (Source: nextluxury.com)

What Are the Best Hand Tattoos?

Hand tattoos are now at their most complex artistic point in ink history. The best and most popular designs include:

Do Some Tattoo Artists Refuse to Do Hand Tattoos?

Some stigma surrounding visible tattoos has faded over the last twenty years but hand and finger tattoos remain controversial.

Should Women Get Hand Tattoos?

A woman should get whichever tattoo she wants, wherever they choose to get them! Your sex and gender should never hamper tattoo inspiration and execution.

Why Are Hand Tattoos Called Jobstoppers?

“Jobstoppers” refer to tattoos that are difficult, if not impossible, to hide on places like the face, hands and neck . They often impede employment for the visibly tattooed in professional settings.

How Bad Do Hand Tattoos Hurt?

Pain wise the hand is the worst place to get tattoos. Anywhere on your hands can cause severe pain when getting a tattoo. Hands are bony and covered in thin skin. It also contains numerous nerve endings that can trigger pain when hit by a tattoo needle.

Hands are one of the more painful areas to get tattooed, due to the fact that the area is mostly bone and ligament, with a few nerves thrown in. Rapid tattoo fading and ink “falling” out often occurs with hand, finger, and foot tattoos. Finger skin is much thicker due to continual use, making the job more difficult. Ink here has a tendency to “fall out” and can create a faded, ghostly image.

Are Finger Tattoos a Good Idea?

Because fingers are such active parts of the human body, a finger tattoo idea doesn’t always work out the same as tattoos located elsewhere.

Hand Tattoo can be considered to be the most popular tattoos ever worn by thousands of individuals all over the world. Despite of the relatively small area, you will be surprised to see a variety of incredible tattoo designs on their hands.

Can Hand Tattoos Affect Jobs?

The popularity of hands, face, and neck tattoos are overgrowing. Before, they were only reserved for those people who didn’t care about society’s rules and considered as rule-breakers (not in a good way).


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