Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo

Do You Feel Safer With a Hamsa? If You Ask Many, Many People the Answer Is Yes.Hamsa Tattoos Symbolize the “hand of God”. They Are Believed to Bring Their Wearers Happiness, Luck, Health, and Good Fortune

The use of the traditional hamsa design can be traced back thousands of years, with its first known use discovered in artifacts within the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Phoenicia. The hand, often depicted with two symmetrical thumbs, has been used for thousands of years to ward off what ancients have referred to as the “evil eye”. The hamsa hand has a wide variety of different spellings which include hamesh, hamsa, chamsa, and khamsa. It is also identified as the Hand of Miriam, Aaron and Moses’s sister, and the Hand of Fatima. As a symbol of spiritual protection, this revered amulet has had a history of use within almost every major religion, particularly in the Islamic and Jewish faiths. In this article we take you through the hidden meanings, history and application of this ancient symbol, as well as introducing you to some incredible hamsa tattoos ideas!

Where Did the Hamsa Symbol Originate?

The hamsa symbols earliest recorded usage was discovered in the Middle Eastern region formerly known as “Mesopotamia”, now current day Iraq. The symbol was initially used in early civilizations to ward off what is known as the “evil eye”, or negative influences in one’s life. The origin of the Hebrew term “hamsa” derives from its representation of the numeral “five”, correlating to the five fingers of the hand symbolized by the design. (Source: www.tattoodo.com)

Can Anyone Wear a Hamsa Tattoo?

The symbol of the hamsa itself is not considered to be a marker for any particular religion or belief system, and has not been considered offensive when worn as a tattoo. With the Hamsa hand tattoos wide- spread popularity, people of all cultures, ethic backgrounds and religions have chosen to adorn their body with this highly spiritual design. Rest assured that regardless of your belief system or culture, this is definitely a symbol that can be worn as a tattoo!

Why You Should Get Hamsa Tattoos – Meaning, Origin, & Designs

Hamsa tattoos are one of the most popular symbolic tattoos that both men and women get. If you’re interested in getting one, we aren’t surprised. But why is it popular among tattoo enthusiasts? Is it because it’s one of those hypnotizing and mesmerizing images you often see? Or is it because it has a deeper meaning that many relate to? (Source:

Hamsa Tattoo Ideas That Pop! (with Meaning & Placements)

Over a couple of decades, body art has become quite popular among Americans. No doubt, the unique depiction and diverse illustration of tattoos have made many people adorn it on their skin. They are marking their skin with incredibly amazing, mind-blowing tags. If you are one of them, you must be looking for ‘out of this world’ tattoo ideas.

What Does Hamsa Tattoo Mean?

There are many symbols to choose from when you are deciding on a tattoo. Between subjects that just look beautiful or something with meaning, you have an infinite number of things to choose from. The question become, how do you decide? Everyone has a style but in addition to the looks, you should look for something that means something to you. In many cases you should be able to find something that is both meaningful and great looking when tattooed.

What Is a Hamsa?

The hamsa symbol is a beautiful design that is backed by traditional and cultural values. It is depicted as a hand with an eye, or other symbol in the palm. When it comes to the hamsa tattoo, it can hold these meanings (or many others), but it can come in plenty of designs. These days, people like to get a unique hamsa tattoo and they will use one or more meanings that encapsulate who they are. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)



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