Gemini Tattoo:

Gemini Tattoo:

Gemini Tattoo:

What Are Gemini’s Colors?

If you’re thinking of getting your Gemini tattoo in color, then you might be interested to know which colors belong to Gemini. Gemini’s colors are green, black, white, pink, and red. Black, of course, being ideal for tattoos! (

What Else Does Gemini Symbolize?

While twins represent polarity in one person, it can also represent the close bond between one person and another. Typically Geminis are very loving and can form close attachments with others. Pollux saving his brother’s life by sharing his mortality reflects this.

No one likes a person who constantly blames their personality flaws on their sign (like, pls stop saying your Scorpio Sun is the reason you’re so controlling), but if anyone can truly use their ruling planets as an excuse, it’s you, Gemini. I mean, you can’t help that you’re ruled by the twins! And even though people often peg you as two-faced, immature, moody, and a lover of gossip, I think if people just looked a little harder, they’d see who you really are: fun, witty, curious, and everyone’s best friend. I see you, I get you, and I think you deserve a super-cute tattoo to represent who you really are inside. Ahead, I

Why Is Gemini Represented by Twins?

As we already mentioned, the origin of Gemini links back to Greek mythology and the tale of the twins Castor and Pollux. The latter asked his father, Zeus, to grant his twin brother immortality like him. (Source: wrdinary Gemini Tattoos to Compliment Your Body

)Tattoos are just increasing in popularity as the years go by. Once upon a time it was frowned upon to get a tattoo and now it seems as if everyone has one. Zodiac tattoos are also increasing in popularity as people want to be identified by their sign. The most common zodiac tattoo that is being tattooed on bodies is the Gemini tattoo. The tattoos themselves have different meanings and different purposes. People usually choose them for their own personal reasons. The Gemini tattoo is always and elegant one which is probably why it is so popular. These zodiac symbols are in relation to astrological signs so people usually sure them because they have some meaning in their lives. Choosing a tattoo is no easy task and it should not be taken lightly. the last thing anyone wants is to regret something that is a permanent fixture on their body. Below are some of the best Gemini tattoos so if you are thinking of one, check out these suggestions. (Source:


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