Friday the 13th tattoos

Friday the 13th tattoos


Friday the 13th tattoos

Tattoo veterans and virgins lined up outside tattoo parlors to partake in the tradition of Friday the 13th tattoos, when shops release a “flash sheet” of pre-designed tattoos, many of which incorporate the number 13 and most of which cost just $13 (plus a lucky $7 tip). The day offers enthusiasts the chance to get a professional tattoo for very little money, and it offers shops the chance to promote their work and meet new clients.

“It’s turned into a tattoo holiday,” said Michaelle Fiore, a tattoo artist at the Armageddon Ink Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as she applied a purple stencil of an eye with an X above it to the upper arm of an 18-year-old. The flash sheets, taped to the front desk, featured designs by the staff at Armageddon: skulls, black cats, flaming hearts with swords piercing them, spiders, roses, jellyfish, an upside-down bat and a unicorn smoking a cigar. The same tattoos could cost up to $150 on a typical day. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

When the trend started, the ‘holiday’ entailed a themed flash sheet, which is a group of designs to choose from but traditionally not open for modification, typically priced at $13 each, with a $7 tip thrown in for good luck. (Source: www.theeasttexasweekend.com)

These artists might not be making a lot of money off of tattoos on Friday the 13th. The shop offers steep discounts on their design work, but they still put in the same amount of effort. So, be kind to your artist because they will likely be exhausted by the end of the day. Also, don’t forget the tip! (Source: www.theeasttexasweekend.com)

One shop, Toledo Tattoo Company, offered around 300 designs from the five different in-house artists working that day. The themes varied from the traditional 13 and other classic designs to modern pop culture pieces. Prices were $31 for basic black linework and $80 for linework and color. On average, the base cost for tattoos could range to more than double the Friday the 13th deal price. (Source: www.wtol.com)

For Kodi, giving back to loyal customers and attracting new clients is one of the biggest reasons to participate in Friday the 13th specials. Keeping up a tradition is another big reason, even though that tradition has evolved over the years. The change from the traditional 13s and scary designs broadens the appeal to clients and offers a change of pace for the artists. (Source: www.wtol.com) For an example of the broad appeal and the evolution of the tattoo industry, we need look no further than the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark


I know that I'm coming at this situation from a perspective of being okay when it comes to my tattoo choices and I definitely acknowledge that there are plenty of people who are far worse off that I. But at the same time, I wish I could say that I stand behind all of my tattoo decisions and didn't just get a tattoo because it was cheap. Working at Inked has taught me that anything is possible when it comes to getting amazing tattoos and there's nothing wrong with waiting when you're still very young. Some of the best collections are from people who waited into their thirties and forties to get tattooed, who are able financially to travel to the best of the best artists.

Friday the 13th is your lucky day if you've been itching to get some ink. For decades, tattoo artists and parlors have carried on the tradition of offering $13 flash tattoos for 24 hours only. Some, like King Cobra in Brooklyn, have even turned it into a competition between their artists to see who can ink as many people as possible in that time span. It's a frenzied day and a great way for tattoo first-timers to get a feel for what tattooing is really like. (I have to confess that my first Friday the 13th tattoo jumpstarted my addiction to the whole world; I now have 19 tattoos, a third of which are flashes from past Friday the 13ths.) (Source: www.nylon.com)

The shop won't be doing $20 tattoos, but it will have a sheet with $100 tattoos. Precautions include limiting the number of people in the shop at any time, appointments are required, and no guests are allowed. However, the shop says that all of its slots are currently filled for Friday the 13th. (Source: www.thrillist.com) According to customers who have gone, they offered customer tattooing at $25, but due to their low volume of business, the shop had to drop


Farther down the line, Lauren Pugh, 19, stood in the sun next to an oversized purple suitcase. She was visiting the city from England for three weeks, and had decided to get a Friday the 13th tattoo to remember the trip.

Across the city, the lines inched along. Shinekwa Kershaw, 27, stood outside Armageddon armed with an umbrella, a lawn chair and a bottle of spray sunscreen. She was waiting to get her fourth Friday the 13th tattoo.

The tradition was popularized by artist Oliver Peck in Dallas. Now, you'll find it happening in just about any city with a tattoo shop. Often you'll find the small tattoos cost $13 plus a "lucky" (and mandatory) $7 tip. Some places go with $31 and a mandatory $9 tip. Other parlors will go even closer to what you'd generally pay on any other day. Those interested in participating should note that all artists are pleased to accept tips above the mandated price. (Source: www.thrillist.com) Was the tattooed lady Miss America? I have tattooed in southern California, in New York City, Florida, Colorado, Atlanta ,Texas, southern


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