Friday the 13th Tattoos:

Friday the 13th Tattoos:

I can't think of anything else that could cause such a stir as a tattoo. There's a lot of foreign and weird word tattoos that people don't know what it's actually saying. It all started as a joke: asking "What would you like as a tattoo on Friday the 13th"? and suggesting a tattoo for it on the day. From there it started getting more elaborate, with people telling stories to explain what the tattoo meant. I think we should let these little tales explain the meaning behind these tattoos. Directions: Click the plus button to add images and text to this gallery.

What Is a Friday the 13th Tattoo and Where Did the Tradition Come From?

FRIDAY the 13th is one day of the year that people often associate with bad luck - but not if you're into your body ink.

What Is a Friday the 13th Tattoo?

The last Friday the 13th special attracted 57 customers to Toledo Tattoo Company. Established in Point Place in 1978, Toledo Tattoo Company is the longest running tattoo shop in the area. Christmas music from a local radio station plays over the sound system. It's quiet, thanks to new, modern, battery operated tattoo guns. On the side of the building is a large colorful mural done by the owner. It's hard to miss when driving down North Summit.

When it comes to getting tattooed, 99.9% of my work is extremely thought out and very much planned. However, like many collectors, I have a handful of tattoos that I got on a whim during Friday the 13th events. Friday the 13th is an international holiday in the tattoo world, with shops around the globe offering discounted, pre-drawn flash tattoos. The price of a Friday the 13th tattoo ranges depending on the shop, artist or the piece, however, generally they're anywhere from $13 to $100 before tip. Friday the 13th flash sheets also vary, sometimes sticking within the theme of the month they fall on others staying within the realm of bad luck talismans—black cats, horseshoes, monkey paws, etc. 

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