Forest Tattoo:

Forest Tattoo:


Forest Tattoo:

What Does a Forest Tattoo Symbolize?

A forest tattoo can show a lot of different elements and parts of a person. Traditionally, the forest has come to represent being lost, exploration, as well as the mystery that’s happening around us and within us. If you’re stuck, feeling creative, or if you simply wish to come in tune with the nature and wildlife that’s around you – give this one a go. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

Where to Place a Forest Tattoo?

Place a forest tattoo anywhere you want. If it is a smaller design you are going to like placing it over your wrist, forearm, or collarbones. If it is a giant and meaningful tattoo for you, consider placing it over your back, thigh, or across your chest. The more meaningful it is, the bigger it should be.

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Let us know if you’re ready to wear and rock a forest tattoo! Also, which design was your favorite from the list? We have a lot of different options for you to choose from. Men and women will easily find their ideal tattoo, just go for something that meets and suits your character.

What Does It Mean to Get a Forest Tattoo?

Forests and trees are so much like our life when we get to experience cycles in the form of challenges and even happy memories. It could be closely comparable to the seasons that trees have to go through. There’s always the calm and peaceful autumn, then the harsh and dead winter, the rebirth and new hope of spring and the preciousness and happiness of summer. The season could also add or change the meaning of your tattoo so you can play with the designs if you wish to get a good story behind your tattoo.

About Forest Tattoo

It’s hard to find a less common topic for a tattoo, than forest tattoos. They are made all over the bodies, men, women – everybody decorates themselves with incredibly awesome drawings of the forest, which can be mystical, sometimes it’s colorful and bright or dark and philosophical, but every time magical and hypnotizing with their beauty. (Source:

What Does Forest Tattoo Mean?

As long as there has been man, there have been forests. With that in mind, it should be obvious that there are many forest tattoo meanings that you can choose from if you decide to get one of these designs. They also happen to be very nice-looking and attention-grabbing tattoos, so there are a lot of reasons why people decide to get them. On this page we will go over some of the most popular forest tattoo meanings and some of the cool designs you can get.

50 Gorgeous and Meaningful Tree Tattoos Inspired by Nature's Pat

Nature has served as the artists’ ultimate muse for millennia and the world of tattoos makes no exception. Walking through nature, observing its patterns and following its workings is a way a lot of people keep finding sources of inspiration time after time. If you are looking for a great nature tattoo to suit your story and style, then look no further. For today’s collection of the best ink pieces we’re going to follow nature’s path to bring you 50 gorgeous tree tattoos, an awesome option for nature lovers considering their future ink. To make things even easier, we’re also going to present you the meaning of tree tattoos. Click through, feel inspired and start wondering where you’re going to have yours. (Source: kickassthings.com)

125 Wild Forest Tattoo Ideas Bringing Growth to Your Lif

If you plan on getting a unique and meaningful tattoo but still unsure which one to get, don’t worry as you’ve come to the right place. Forest tattoos are one of the most underrated tattoos, but at the same time, they have a lot of variety in their designs. Forest tattoos come with many meanings, and you can relate to most of them in your daily lives. (Source: www.wildtattooart.com)

How Much Will It Cost to Get a Forest Tattoo?

Forest tattoos are quite expensive as they include some significant details to bring out the realism in the tattoo. Sometimes these tattoos can go up to $500 or more, especially if you’re going for an over the top tattoo. If you choose a minimal forest tattoo, you can expect to pay around $200-$400. The price also depends on the designer and the tattoo parlor you’re going to. Some tattoo parlors charge on an hourly basis, so depending on how long your tattoo will take to finish, you will have to pay according to that.

How Long Does Tattoo Pain Last For?

The pain threshold varies from person to person; some people can’t endure pain while some are very good at tolerating it. The aftereffect, i.e., the tattoo pain, usually lasts for almost 3-7 days. This again depends on how well you take care of your tattoo and follow the essential care checklist for at least the first few days.


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