Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Forearm Sleeve Tattoo

Men like to wear tattoo sleeves on their arms. They are great for fashion statements and for showing off your style. But they are not always practical. If you’re looking to permanently adorn your arm with the latest in style, pre-made sleeves are what you need. You can also create your own individual forearm tattoo sleeve for yourself!

Need to step up your sleeve game? Want to inject some more punch into your otherwise mundane look? Look no further than removable custom tattoo sleeves!

Tat2x Ink Armor Premium Forearm 9" Tattoo Cover up Sleeve - No Slip Gripper - U.s. Made (single Forearm Tattoo Cover up Sleeve) : Beauty & Personal Care

COMFORTABLE - NO SLIP GRIPPER - NO ITCHY TAGS - NO CHAFE SEAMS -- Our no-slip gripper at the top of each tattoo cover sleeve keeps them firmly in place all day long. SUN PROTECTION - SAVE YOUR TATTOOS & SKIN -- Our Ink Armor forearm tattoo sleeve covers block 98% of the sun's harmful rays. Protect and preserve your ink! NO LOGO ON THE OUTSIDE -- Discreet Design Forearm Sleeve will help you cover up your tattoos at work or school when you need to. Need Sizing Help? -- Click on SIZE CHART Photo -- (1) One Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Cover Per Package

How Long Does It Take to Do a Half Sleeve Tattoo?

After seeing all of these amazing sleeve tattoos designs, you only have one question left: how long does it take to do a half sleeve tattoo? It takes a very long time. When we say that, we mean it. Half sleeve tattoos require a lot of time and the reason for that is simple: these sleeve tattoos designs cover a lot of areas on your body. Depending on the artist and the design of your tattoo it might be done in one take, but usually, it takes a few sessions. For more complex sleeve tattoos it can take up to several weeks to get them fully done. For more simple ones, it is possible to get them done in 6-8 hours. Also, be prepared for the pain since it does take such a long time for half sleeve tattoos to be done. (Source: outsons.com)



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