Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos

Do Foot Tattoos Hurt? 12 Things You Should Know Before You Get One

I have a foot tattoo of a door copied from a children's book, and despite my mother's best efforts with Spray N' Wipe, it is permanent. (True story.) For reasons involving scientific interest, a limited budget, and a heavy dose of masochism, I chose to go for a foot tattoo as my first experience of the needle, a distinction that means heavily-tatted people tend to look at me with quiet fear in their eyes. You see, foot tattoos have a painful reputation, and that reputation is severe, searing, cry-for-your-mommy pain.

20 Trendy Foot Tattoo Designs With Best Pictures in 2021

Tattoos are not the only representation of your idea via your thoughts, but it’s also body art that expresses your personality. Foot tattoos are considered painful, but the picture revealed after the interval is very appealing and pleasing. These can be inked plain black or with a mixture of different vibrant colours as per your personality and taste. Additionally, women’s smooth and silky feet offer a perfect base surface for the tattoo artist to engrave his or her talent. But the tattoo on feet will always make you stand odd and out from the crowd of tattoo lovers!! So please choose a unique foot design and be ready to flaunt it differently!!! (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Meaning and Significance of Foot Tattoos:

The visible foot tattoo lovers are considered to be the persons who love their feet or want to show them off!! On the contrary, the individuals are hiding their foot tattoo or engraving the tattoo on their foot so that it’s not too revealing represents the mysterious or introverted personality of that person. Moreover, psychological studies revealed that the people who tattooed on their feet tend to be shy and discreet. These tattoos are often linked with the life and death of a person loved or lost!!

Classic Feather Break Tattoo Designs:

Here is another classic breakaway tattoo art, this time a proper sketched and shaded feather being dissipated from the front to form together as small bird silhouettes. The feather is made to resemble hanging from an inked anklet around your ankles. There is a good structure to it and is, therefore, a cool girl foot tattoo. (Source: stylesatlife.com)



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