Fonts for Tattoos

Fonts for Tattoos


Fonts for Tattoos

Many designers now use tattoo lettering fonts to give an artistic hand-drawn look to their designs. In this post, we bring you a set of tattoo fonts you can use with your own design projects to create that same unique effect. Tattoo fonts can be used to preview and decide your text-based tattoos. Pure text tattoos become more and more trendy these days since more and more people choose words, names, short quotes and meaningful sayings to express themselves through their tattoos.

The inconsistent, stylish, and decorative designs of the tattoo fonts help give a personalized look to various types of digital and print designs, including flyers, posters, social media posts, and even greeting cards. It’s a great way to add an authentic feel to your designs to make them look like you’ve hand-crafted it yourself.

We’ve gathered a collection of the best tattoo fonts with all sorts of designs and decorative styles (as well as tips for choosing a tattoo font). Whether you’re looking for a font to design a creative business card, a poster, or even working on a real tattoo design, you’ll find plenty of choices on this list.

Best Tattoo Font

Blackletter is a classic Old English typeface. With a lineage tracing back to pre-Gutenberg manuscripts, Blackletter is noted for its expressive contrast between thin and thick strokes. Its decorative bent makes it a natural for ornamental usage, but not legible enough for longer tracts of text.

Acuentre is another elegant tattoo font that comes with a classic vintage design. This font is a great choice for all kinds of tattoo-style designs as well as Victorian-era design projects. The font includes ligatures and ornaments for adding stylistic characters.

Next up, we have Carpellon, one of the best tattoo fonts that combine art and beauty and has an aesthetic that is hard to take eyes off. It has a nice curvy design, and comes with ornaments, and alternates, and supports multi-languages.

Wildcats is a vintage calligraphy style tattoo font you can use to craft titles in your posters, flyers, badges, labels, and more. The font comes with multilingual support for 17 different languages along with 453 glyphs and lots of alternate characters.

This creative tattoo font comes in 8 different styles, including grunge, inline, and bold versions of the font. It features a unique retro design that will remind you of film posters from the 1930s. Which makes it perfect for vintage-themed design projects.

Love sea shanties? Mermaids? How about retro fonts, or tattoo fonts with a sailor flare? Then you might enjoy this nautical font with a touch of vintage font flare. It’s all caps with two variations: upper case letters are filled and lower case letters have a cut out variation.


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