Fishing Tattoos

Fishing Tattoos

My story starts with a belly full of fish from a long day's fishing. The sun sets behind me, the coolness blowing from the river in a light breeze. My back tells a trail of fish in a river of ink. I move the fish in a line from my right shoulder down to my left leg. The shipwreck inked on my stomach doesn't yet exist, but the plan is hatched at the moment I realize that my ink bucket is nearly empty. The two fish on my right arm, inked in the past hour, need to be inked in the night. Both are gone when I finally

Amazing Fishing Tattoo Designs You Need to See!

Fisherman or fishing tattoos are some of the most-underrated tattoo designs for men and women worldwide. This is because not a lot of people can connect or find a true connection with the design itself. However, if you want to tribute something that you’d dedicate to your dad, grandpa or your brother – you will love this article. Find your favorite among these 15 tattoo designs!

25 Amazing Fishing Tattoo

Are you a fisherman? Are you looking for an original fishing tattoo? These are the 25 best fishing tattoos that only some brave and fishing lovers would dare to carry on their bodies. If you carry fishing in your blood and also want to carry it in your body, maybe you should have one of these fishing tattoos.

Fishing Tattoo Ideas

Since the beginning of the practice, tattoos have been used to signify various parts of your identity: your tribe, your rank, your profession, and so on. Today, we still get tattoos to reflect who we are, and often we choose to tattoo the things we love on us both to show the world who we are and as a way to keep our favorite things with us everywhere, forever. It’s really a beautiful notion.

Will You Teach Me?

A great option for a fly fishing tattoo, this beautiful and artistic design brings together the themes of fly fishing and family bonding. Going for black and white in this piece helps the sweet message come through, as well as the details of the design. A larger shoulder piece, this would also fit nicely on the calf.

Geometric Fish Tattoo:

Fish tattoos have spiritual meaning in many cultures, and you can add a modern touch to this pattern by adding a geometric finish. The perfect combination of symmetrical pattern with the intricate design makes this design one of the popular choices for youth irrespective of gender. (Source: stylesatlife.com)



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