Fine Line Tattoo:

Fine Line Tattoo:

Fine Line Tattoo:

If You’re Looking for an Elegant and Discreet Ink, Fine Line Tattoos Are Usually Small, Generally Monochrome, and Are Often Used to Achieve a Delicate Look

Thanks to ever-advancing tattooing technology, artists are now able to produce extraordinary amounts of detail in tattoos to the point that they resemble pieces drawn onto skin with a technical pen. (Source: medium.com)

Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattooing is distinguished by straight or curved lines that are very thin and no use of gradations in shade or color. These tattoos emphasize form and outline over color, shading, and texture giving them incredible levels of detail built in. However, areas of solid pigment and dots can also be used in addition to lines. (Source: www.oilean.ca)

Fine Line Tattoo Melbourne

Mon: 11am - 6pm Tue: 11am - 6pm Wed: 11am - 6pm Thurs: 11am - 6pm Fri: 11am - 6pm Sat: 11am - 6pm Sun: Closed (Source: goodlucktattoo.com.AU)

The Best Fine Line Tattoos & Fine Line Tattoo Artists in Melbourne

If you need a fine line tattoo artist in Melbourne that you can trust, look no further than Good Luck Tattoo studio. We have both traditional and contemporary tattoo artists who create mesmerizing artwork for anyone who walks into our studio. Within the confines of our comfortable tattoo parlour is where we create magic of the highest degree. Our dedicated and creative tattoo artists have the knowledge and skills to perfectly execute tattoos that will defy the effects of time. (Source: goodlucktattoo.com.AU)

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Our Fine Line Tattoos Mainly Represent Nature and Animal Which Are Incorporated With Geometric Elements and Dot Work

Delicate Elegant and Discreet. Our fine line tattoos are drawn in both geometric shapes and natural shapes such as animal and plant.

"We Not Only Love to Present Nature Tattoos but We Are Literally in the Nature"

Ban Khagee Tattoo Studio is located in the mountains in Mae Wang, Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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