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Fallen Angel Tattoo

Fallen Angel Tattoo & Piercing

Established by Tom Cooney (Boss Tom) March 5th 2001, Fallen Angel Tattoo is Sacramento and Citrus Heights most referred and award-winning custom studio. Our male and female artists love to draw custom tattoos, so everyone leaves with a unique piece of art (no flash). Each of our artists specializes in a specific art style, from realism to neo-traditional to graffiti, so check out the photos and find which artist best fits your style. They also excel at cover-ups and can get rid of ANY unwanted tattoo, no matter how big and dark! Fallen Angel's piercer Carrie is highly skilled with over 18 years of piercing experience. We also have an extensive body jewelry collection featuring hand-made organic pieces you won't find anywhere else. We sell our original paintings and artwork, so all of the art you see is for sale! We also have a #getwhatyouget gumball machine for awsome random $100 tattoos! So come on in and check out our portfolios and custom artwork, and remember, everyone gets the tattoo they deserve!!! (Source: thefallenangeltattoo.com)

60+ Wonderful Fallen Angel Tattoos & Designs With Meanings

Fallen Angel: These are the angels which were once a part of heaven but were thrown out of the heaven for their evil deeds and were never allowed to return back in the heaven. They symbolize pain, suffering or sadness. The Satan is the well known example of fallen angel and is usually depicted in upright form with red flames. One of the major interpretations of fallen angel is that they no longer feel that they have relationship with god. A person who has a same set of thoughts and beliefs would prefer to ink a fallen angel than any other angel that is usually taken as the connection to god while these are more of disconnected to the God. These angels are also depicted with broken wings as they are no more the messengers of god and hence they don’t fly from heaven to earth and vice versa so it is believed that they are usually roaming around in the earth although this is also believed that some of them gain entry to the heaven again. Fallen angels don’t always represent negative things but also sometimes it means the hope or faith someone holds after falling down and gaining the power or strength to rise and struggle again. This tattoo can be inked on the back where it looks the best but if one wants, one can also be inked on the shoulder or arm. For women, it can also look great on the either side of stomach. (Source: www.askideas.com)


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