Eye Tattoos

Eye Tattoos


Eye Tattoos

It’s always best to fully research before getting any tattoo. Before getting your eye tattoo, you must thoroughly go through the different eye tattoo ideas and see which place to get it on as some areas are quite painful for a tattoo. Find good tattoo artists who can replicate the exact design you want and someone that stays within your budget. You must also be aware of what to do before your appointment, like staying well-nourished, avoiding alcohol, and getting good sleep. The last thing to know is how to take care of your tattoo, which your tattoo artists will explain to you.

The Dangerous Risks of Eye Tattoos, According to Body Modification Artist Who Invented Them

This inventive type of body modification comes with more than a few risks and side effects.

Delhi Man Is First to Get Eyeballs Tattooed but Be Careful If You Want One Too

Body Modification Has Gotten Its Hands on a Squeamish Tattoo Trend Which Involves Getting the Eyeballs Inked. It Involves Injecting the Whites of Your Eyes With Ink to Make Them Look Like Coloured Orbs. and Delhi-Based Karan Decided to Get His One Black.

While getting a scleral tattoo might sound fantastical to some and scary to others, there is always a list of dos and don’ts to know before taking the step.

Why Would Anyone Want an Eyeball Tattoo

The sentencing of a convicted criminal with an eyeball tattoo in an Alaskan court has drawn attention to an unusual form of facial decoration - one that is less than a decade old, but winning new converts all the time.

It's Extremely Dangerous, Often Leads to Complications, and It's Not Even a True Tattoo.

Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art in human history. It’s been done since at least the Neolithic and is present in several ancient cultures. But that’s not to say tattooing hasn’t changed.

Sclera Tattoo Causes Model's Severe Eye Infection, Possible Blindness

If you needed a reminder of why it's so important to do adequate research before getting a tattoo, a recent story about an infected eyeball tattoo should be all the convincing you need. Eyeball tattoos — also known as sclera tattoos — are an ink implant in the membrane that covers the whites of your eyes. And as any expert will tell you, it's a high-risk process. Unsafe sclera tattoos can lead to blindness, or as seen in this instance, terrifying infections


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