evil eye tattoo meaning

evil eye tattoo meaning


Evil eye tattoo

People with tattoos they hate or regret tend to blame the artist after the ink is already on the skin. The problem is, the cause of the tattoo could have been avoided. Avoid tattoo regret by knowing what a tattoo might possibly look like before the artist makes a single identifiable mark. We’ve compiled 6 angel tattoos that look great whether you’re looking for a good luck charm or symbol to bring you good fortune.


Blue: the color of the Turkish evil eye symbol is most commonly blue. This is because it is associated with the waters of the Aegean Sea, although there are also other legends that link this hue with the belief that people with blue eyes, being a minority among the population, are those that attract bad luck. However, this link between bad luck and the color blue is not always the case and changes when talking about the nazar. The color of azure blue is associated with the sky which drives away the evil eye. However, those tattoos that are dark blue are said to have another meaning. In this case, they are associated with water and are linked to good energy, in addition to being considered as an element of protection against adversity.

The ancient history of the evil eye comes from regions where the eye color of people is mainly a darker or brown color. Those who possess light colored eyes, such as green or blue eyes, are rare in these areas and are said to bestow this curse within them. Because of this, amulets in regions such as Greece and Turkey started a trend to have objects with a blue eye. This object with the blue eye painted on it acts as a counter attack to the evil eye itself. When the curse is being pushed upon someone and the amulet is intact, the evil eye sees the amulet and all damage that should have been done to the individual is then reflected back to the evil eye, distinguishing all curses. Evil eye tattoos can be done in a number of different designs and styles. The cultures that believe in the evil eye curse do not exactly have a set symbol for the eyes, for they can come in many different shapes and sizes. Although each evil eye may be a little different from one another, the one thing they all have in common is the aggressive, violent, and scary glare they give off. Tattoos of the evil eye can be seen as the classical blue eye giving a disgruntled look, or you can even keep the tattoo in plain black ink. Either way, the evil eye design is a simple, yet very thought provoking tattoo that almost seems to look right through you. This design can be seen in places such as the back of the neck, the forearm, even the bicep. Anywhere you get this design, it is sure to look great, just be sure to match your graphic size with an appropriate amount of room for the tattoo itself. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)


If you’ve ever seen a picture of an ancient Egyptian’s tattoo, you’re likely to see a tribal design tattoo on the eye with the “evil” eye tattoo etched on either side. The evil eye tattoo is very popular in the areas of Africa, central Mexico, Central Africa, South Asia, Eastern and Southern Africa, Eastern and Southern India, Central and Southern China, Northern and Western Australia and New Zealand, Central and Western Europe, and parts of Asia. The symbol of the evil eye originated from the ancient civilization of Egypt and has been a part of their culture for thousands of years. The tattoo for all these cultures is one that has a lot of meaning for the bearer and is often thought to have supernatural powers. The symbol of the evil Eye tattoo is also associated with different religions.

When a person wants to get this tattoo, he or she needs to think of how big of an image it will be. People with a small tattoo will want to get something that looks like a large cross. People with larger tattoos will want to get something with a smaller cross in the center. The size of the tattoo can also be based on what color the tattoo is. White is the least popular color for tattoos as it is too common to see in everyday society. People want to have the tattoo of their favorite color though so they will most likely settle for white. (Source: www.bodytattooart.com)



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