Evil Eye Tattoo:

Evil Eye Tattoo:

All intentions, given under a spell. All eyes, black as night. The evil eye, a symbol of powers unknown. A dark omen, aligning the path.

What Does an Evil Eye Tattoo Symbolize?

An evil eye symbolizes and stands for your protection from bad luck. Nothing bad should happen to your or in your home. It is colored in blue and indicates spiritual protection. It is a popular jewelry piece in Turkey, and people all over the world appreciate it and believe that it can help with bad luck, curse, hex, as well as black dark magic. (

What Does Evil Eye Tattoo Mean?

You may have heard of the saying ‘giving someone the evil eye’, but what exactly is the evil eye and what does it mean? The evil eye is widely known throughout the world and has been a big part of many cultures. Those who have a strong belief in the superstitious, magical world, know about the evil eye and take it very seriously. The evil eye is exactly what it sounds like. The evil eye is a look in one’s eye that is a malevolent, wicked glare that is both seen as a curse and wish of bad fortune upon a certain individual. Most the time when the evil glare is pronounced on someone, the person that is receiving the glare will become injured or cursed in some way or the other, most the time ending in harm to the other person.

Tattoo Meaning – What’s so Important About the “evil Eye”?

Evil eye tattoos have a few different meanings, which range from “evil eye” meaning “evil” to the more modern interpretation “ignorant” or “blind”. Some people actually put their evil eye tattoo on just about every part of their body, which includes the upper arm, the shoulder blade, the groin area, the lower back and even the foot. Most often, the evil eye is symbolized by a dark symbol that depicts either a skull or a cross. Other variations of this design can include a number of different images of eyes surrounded by flames or flashing lights

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