Elephant Tattoo:

Elephant Tattoo:


Elephant Tattoo:

125 Badass Elephant Tattoos for Men and Women (with Meanings)

www.inkme.tattoo)If you are looking for a unique tattoo involving animals, then try elephants on for size. The elephant is one of the biggest animals in the animal kingdom, and we love them to death! These animals are on of the strongest out there. There are many different meanings behind the elephant tattoo because it’s a symbol of strength. Elephants symbolize many things, like nature, attitude, prosperity, and strength of character. They are known to be one of the calmest beings on earth, and that is shown in their stature. They are one animal that is shown respected in numerous countries because of what they offer to the world. Countries such as Africa and Asia have large quantities of elephants. Some countries even worship the elephant because of its strength. The elephant is considered to symbolic of Lord Ganesha. Getting an elephant tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in the world, throughout many different cultures. Both women and men typically get these tattoos because they can be made tough or feminine. You can get these tattoos, small large or medium sized. You can have many different elements and colors to your tattoo. There is a spiritual connection between elephants and God as well as Buddha. (Source:

What Does the Mom & Baby Elephant Tattoo Mean?

If you’re not a fan of National Geographic or Animal Planet, then the only exposure you may have had to a mama elephant’s protective nature is from the heartbreaking scene in Dumbo when his mom attacks people for making fun of him (then we are subsequently crushed even more when we hear the song “Baby Mine” and watch her rock him back and forth in her trunk, but I digress). While this is obviously an animated adaptation of an elephant’s instinct to protect her baby at all costs, it’s true that mama elephants will go to great lengths to keep their babies safe and are never too scared to step into harmful situations if it means they can protect their little ones. (Source: www.romper.com)


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