Dove Tattoo:

Dove Tattoo:


Dove Tattoo:

20 Most Beautiful Dove Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Once if you have decided upon the Dove as your selection for the tattoos, there are many different art and styles available to choose from. It is available in different kinds like everything from single line art that is inked in white color to elaborated tribal and Celtic designs. It is common to have a pair of doves that is very common as it implies a universal sign of love. And it will really work out unique, having the two dove images that share the same branch and this is a much-requested tattoo design with newly married couples. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Dove Vintage Tattoo:

Cool Dove tattoo design for men are getting familiar today in the fashion world. Dove tattoo are so much popular one among females and males. Most chosen tattoo design will have girls face or any image of that kind. There are varieties of designs available for men tattoos. This dove tattoo for guys design having the dove with a lady’s face portrays peace and love, by representing peacefulness of love. So, many people who love pride will get these tattoos on their bodies. It can be tattooed with enticing dark colour. It is one of the best dove tattoo designs for men.

Dove With Lock and Key Tattoo:

In this amazing dove tattoo, two doves are flying and holding with a lock and keys. The dove tattoos give the meaning of peace and hope for a new life, or it may show a long-lasting life. Tattoos with dove designs will usually portray independence and purity, and many people will like to have dove tattoos in remembrance of a close relative or friends who have passed away with a love theme. A pair of doves is a very common and universal sign of love. This Dove tattoo for female has always been acknowledged as the bird that brings peace and love. In this beautiful dove tattoo, a small bird with an olive twig pressed between its beaks is shown flying towards something. The olive branch itself represents peace as the dove; the carrier flows by. This is one of the most common dove tattoos designs that have surfaced. With just the right hint of colour, like a green olive branch, the tattoo looks unbelievably good. It is the best flying dove tattoo designs. (Source:

Angels and Dove:

Do you know how at olden days people would use pigeons and doves as messenger? The story goes that dove symbolizing love and peace is more commonly believed by the Christian religion, where often a flock of the dove is seen accompanying Jesus. A dove, being a holy bird, is also mentioned in the bible and thus is also known to be God’s own personal messenger. Hence in this pretty dove tattoo, the huge hands represent the presence of God sending out his messenger. It is one of the perfect peace dove tattoo designs for women. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Very Cute Small Dove Tattoo Designs:

The tale goes that when God has asked Noah to build that boat for all the life forms of earth, he did and after weeks he sent out a dove and an eagle in search for shelter and life form, and to his surprise, the dove came back flying with an olive branch which was a sign for Noah to start life again. Following the same concept, this tattoo has been drawn with a blue halo light behind to accommodate the purity and greatness of this bird. This is one of the best dove tattoo designs for women. (Source: stylesatlife.com)


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