Dice Tattoo

Dice Tattoo


41 Dice Ideas

Vegas Wedding Tribute Tattoo, The husban walked into the shop and asked for just the Welcome to Las Vegas sign but the is the kind of work you get @ Dark Water Tattoos. The dice add up to 16 which is the day of the week, The Chip is $10 the month of October, and the cards an ace and three 9’s is the year 1999. Wedding day Oct. 16, 1999 Dennis Kline of Dark Water Tattoos, Bridgeview, IL.

Top 9 Auspicious Dice Tattoos for Women and Men!

Dice tattoos are the favourite designs for people who are daily involved with gambling and playtime. People believing in luck and faith generally loves the concept of rolling dice, and luck depends on the numbers that arrive. Numbers also play a vital role in gambling; hence lucky numbers on the dice are shown on dice tattoos on body parts.

Tied up Dice Tattoo:

)Men and women both love the dice tattoos on their bodies. It’s not that people choose dice tattoos only if they are involved in gambling, but some people also relate it with the gambling that life plays. The unknown future and ups and downs also give a psychological meaning. Tied up dices also reflect any such psychological meaning that shows the wearer’s image. (Source:

Rolling dice tattoo made on the waist is a kind of adorable tattoo design women like to engrave. The side bottom waist that peeps between the top and bottom looks attractive when decorated with tattoo designs. Women often loving gambling games can have dice tattoos engraved on their waist. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Dice are one of the most common symbols you see when it comes to going to the casino or having anything associated with gambling. Dice, or die in plural form, are not only famously known in the gambling community, but even used in some of the best board games. The origins and time period that dice were invented are unknown. Evidence of the use of dice on a sort of backgammon like game set were excavated in south-eastern Iran, estimated to have been from a time period of the years 2800 to 2500 B.C.

30 Best Dice Tattoo Designs to Try With

A pair of dice though not considered strictly a mainstream tattoo enjoys a certain amount of popularity. The design is so appealing also due to the fact that the pair of dice works well in conjunction with other design elements. Both genders have shown a liking for this tattoo design as it is so versatile and interesting. (Source: www.tattooeasily.com)



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