demon tattoo design

demon tattoo design


demon tattoo

nextluxury.com)This is a large black and gray piece that uses shading to create a life-like demon. The fully saturated black in the eyes increases contrast and helps the negative space and white highlights to standout. The coils in the mouth of the demon also have a bio-mechanical feel that contrasts stylistically with the flames on the top of the piece and works well to set this piece apart from other demon designs. Another interesting feature in this tattoo is the way the artist expertly left negative space at the bottom of the design, giving the impression of the flesh being torn away to reveal the demon beneath. (Source:

This is a great black and gray tattoo that takes a time-honored “Old Nick” depiction of the devil and gives him an American traditional makeover. The bold lines that form the outline and main features of the face are precise and consistent while the whip shading that adds texture is excellent. While some may prefer the bright reds associated with the devil the choice of eschewing color for a simpler black and gray color scheme also works excellently here and helps to set this classic design apart from other, similar tattoos. (Source: nextluxury.com) Sketch: 8.5: The artist was brutal with his lines and took the time to bring the viewer’s eye to


Skull tattoos signify both the good and the bad. They stand for life and death and symbolize the positivity that comes from negativity. This demon tattoo design has a devil head with a jewel eye and a person sitting under it who is being guided by evil. The black and gray colors make it ideal for all skin tones. (Source: www.stylecraze.com)

A fallen angel is someone who was once good but turned sinful due to choices and circumstances. It may symbolize a loss of faith or free will. This tattoo design with blue and red lines depicts an angel and the devil, with the demon prevailing on the angel. (Source: www.stylecraze.com These were the coolest demon tattoo designs to go for if you want to explore the dark facets of life. Tattoos are for a lifetime, and you need to think and research about the design and the process before getting inked. Make sure to get it inked by a seasoned artist who maintains hygiene. Follow proper aftercare once you get the tattoo done. (Source:www.stylecraze.com))

Although there are different believes, stories related to demons and their tattoos but one thing which every demon tattoo lover agree is that these tattoos are classic tattoo designs and never grow old and also the main reason why people ink them on there body. (Source: www.askideas.com) A tattoo is a permanent art, one forever intersecting the physical with the spiritual. The glitzy, sullen, soft, scary,


Not every demon tattoo needs to be scary. If you want a small and cute design and also show off the naughty demon in you, this popular purple face demon WhatsApp emoji is a good idea. You can get it done on your wrist, waist, forearm, or shoulder. (Source: www.stylecraze.com)

Angel and Devil together are the traditional tattoo ideas, which express the opinion of religion. Angel is the tattoo design, which shows love and faith in God. The designs look beautiful because they are well known as the Messenger of God between earth and heaven, they are the protector of a human being with wings and serves God. (Source: www.entertainmentmesh.com)

Devils are represented with pointy tail, horns, and trident. They do not symbolize anything good, it takes great courage to ink devil tattoo on the body. In many religions, devil depicts cunning personality and tempts to challenge the fate while the idea of having devil symbolize appealing and vigorous personality. However, it is imagined as the fashioned tattoo design. (Source: www.entertainmentmesh.com)

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