delicate female tattoos

delicate female tattoos


female tattoos

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Tattoos have gained a lot of popularity lately, and for good reason! They are undeniably sexy and let you express yourself through art on your body. Have you been considering getting a tattoo, but unable to decide on a tattoo design? It’s only natural. If you’ve watched the TV series Tattoo Nightmares, you know how horrifying it can be to get it wrong and how difficult to cover it up. Nobody wants to go through that! So if you’re looking for some inspiration, we have compiled our favourite tattoo designs for women that you can check out. (Source: www.popxo.com)

Tattoos don’t necessarily have to signify something. You can get something inked simply because it looks beautiful to you! But yes, it can be difficult to decide which tattoo to get, since it is going to be on your body for the rest of your life. To help make your work easier, we have compiled some of the best tattoo designs for women that you can draw inspiration from. (Source: www.popxo.com)

Wings are among the most common tattoo designs for women. But we are specifically loving this design! The spread-out shape makes perfect use of the broad upper back area. Given its placement, you can flaunt it when you want to, or even choose to cover it up with high neck tops, if need be. (Source: www.popxo.com) If you are someone who thinks that tattoos are primarily affiliated with men, then this is probably the best tattoo for you to go for! This design not


Skull tattoo, dagger, or dragon are all fair game when it comes to a woman’s body art, and they don’t have to be a small tattoo design either: with sleeves and large chest tattoos just two placements gaining popularity for feminine tattoos.

Not everyone wants a sleeve tattoo or a large and elaborate chest tattoo. The fact is that for some people small tattoo designs just better line up with their style and sensibilities. (Source: nextluxury.com)

One of the best tattoo designs for women's hands, small tattoos on the fingers look very chic and fresh. They look almost like accessories. They are very in now-a-days. Small flowers, small birds etc can be great ideas to get inked on your fingers. (Source: fabbon.com)

If you're considering getting your first tattoo, it might be a good idea to start with one of the many small tattoos for women and work your way up to a full sleeve or wrap-around thigh tattoo. Whether it'll be your first or ninth time at the local tattoo parlor, here's some inspiration for your next ink session. (Source: www.womansday.com)

Selena Gomez has a collection of small tattoos, honoring everything from music to her family and her closest friends. The lowercase "G" behind her ear is reportedly in honor of her baby sister Gracie. (Source: www.womansday.com)

With four gold medals and a record for the most world titles by any gymnast, we understand why Olympian Simone Biles sketched the famous five rings on her forearm. If you're an athlete, this small tattoo will keep your goal top of mind. (Source: www.womansday.com) Cheryl Burke added two tiny arrows to commemorate her Oprah Winfrey show breakup. The tattoo is large enough to be seen from a distance, but very small


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