dandelion tattoo small

dandelion tattoo small


Dandelion tattoo

This tattoo takes a more realistic approach to these little flowers and incorporates the seeds blowing in the wind, another common design element for these tattoos. The black and grey shading is well done and provides a depth to the image that adds to the overall piece. While this is a nice piece, an inconsistency hurts the design: the stem of the plant on the right hand side does not connect to the flower itself, leaving the tattoo feeling a bit unfinished. This can easily be fixed however and this tattoo remains a nice example of the style.

This piece is interesting in the ways that it strays from the norm for these tattoos. This design maintains the simple, fine line work that is common, but incorporate splashes of color into the illustrative piece. This red dandelion tattoo also adds a small flourish that looks like a piece of string tied to the stem of one flower. This could symbolize a reminder of something sentimental, similar to the common design of a string tied around a finger as an aide-mémoire. This lovely little piece, placed on the inside wrist, is a nice choice for a subtle, feminine design. (Source: nextluxury.com)

This funny little piece is a great example of a dandelion tattoo for men. Here, the design takes the femininity and delicate elements of these tattoos and turns them on their head. This playful little tattoo of a dandelion man, hopping along down the road, uses nice details like the shadow beneath the figure and the seeds trailing behind, to create an interesting piece. The text beneath looks to be an existing piece, with this addition most likely adding some significance to the wearer and completing this design concept. (Source: nextluxury.com)

Here is another example of some of the more creative designs that incorporate dandelions into the tattoo. Again, simple black line work is used, with dots and stippling to create the seeds blowing in the wind. The musical notes—obviously symbolic of the wearer’s love of music—add an interesting element and set this piece apart from other similar tattoos. The composition and technique create a slightly chaotic aesthetic making for a unique and well-executed piece. (Source: nextluxury.com) The great thing about getting tattoo designs with dandelions is that you can combine multiple flowers into one piece. I really like this example of


In this article, we will explore the symbolism and designs associated with the dandelion plant. You will have an opportunity to view photographs in a variety of styles. Our goal with this article is to provide you with ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo project. Thus here are 131 vibrant dandelion tattoo designs that you can follow through!:

In most tattoo designs, the seed of the dandelion is depicted in the form of blowing seeds. Designing seeds in this way can take on different forms: sometimes the seeds turn into birds, hearts, and other symbols. (Source: bodyartguru.com)

This article includes many different dandelion tattoo designs that you should take the time to browse through. Using this as an inspiration will assist you with your own design. (Source: bodyartguru.com There is probably no other tattoo design of dandelion that is more popular. In most cases, the meaning of this tattoo is very personal and not immediately apparent when you first glance at it. For some, it symbolizes good luck and granting wishes as it comes from an age-old superstition that if you blow on a dandelion while making a wish, your wish will come true. As a symbol of mindfulness and a reminder to live in the moment, some think of this design as a reminder to live in the moment. (Source:bodyartguru.com))

Symbolizing hope and the ability to overcome hardships and obstacles in life, the blowing dandelion is for some a source of inspiration. They often include meaningful quotes in their dandelion tattoo designs to emphasize and convey their message. Due to the delicate nature of the dandelion, the tattoo quote is often written in a light font to match and can be placed anywhere near the tattoo. They are sometimes attached to the stem of a flower. (Source: bodyartguru.com)

bodyartguru.com)There is no need to include a lot of detail in dandelions tattoo designs since they are so easy to distinguish and have such a simple structure. Because of this, they’re ideal for simple, small tattoos, which only require a black outline. Small dandelion tattoos look great almost anywhere on the body, and if you don’t care about the seeds blowing away, the tattoo can still be placed on a small area of skin. (Source: pinterest.com) Images courtesy of Tattoo Luv


Tattoo is such a rich way to express one’s beliefs and anything significant in life. Flowers are great sources to find symbolic meanings. Like many other flower tattoos, dandelion tattoos are getting more and more popular for women. A dandelion is a wild plant which has yellow flowers with lots of thin petals. When you blow the petals, all the seeds drop off, you dream wonder goes with the seeds. Dandelion tattoo reminds us of the innocent life during our childhood. (Source: www.cuded.com)

In terms of placement, dandelion tattoo could look very cool on the shoulder and back, but also works on the wrist and inner forearm. Dandelion tattoos could be favorite tattoo ideas for women. If you are looking for inspirations of dandelion tattoos, here are a list of the best collection. (Source: www.cuded.com)

The dandelion tattoo is a popular tattoo worn by many women and some men or anyone who is drawn to its design and meaning. The dandelion is considered ordinary and plain when compared to showier blooms like the rose and lotus. It lacks subtle color or elegant lines, but makes up for that with its unique geometry. This tattoo can be designed with a little or a lot of detail, so it can be tattooed almost anywhere on the body, although they're mostly seen on the shoulder. (Source: tatring.com) Some dandelions flower as a way of apology or as a way to understand themselves better. Dandelion tattoos don't have a special meanings other than representing growth, renewal and beauty. It's also used in nature to grow new branches. They don't have to say "sorry" or express


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