Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion Tattoo


Dandelion Tattoo

One design element that has gained popularity over the last several years in the tattoo world is the dandelion.


35 Breathtaking Dandelion Tattoo Designs

Dandelion tattoo is one of the most interesting tattoo ideas and is mostly appreciated by women. It has many symbolic meanings and that’s what makes it special. It mainly signifies freedom of flight and letting go. A dandelion that turns into a feather.

Dandelion Tattoo Meaning and Importance:

Dandelion is a Latin word that translates to “remedy for disorders”. The bright yellow flowers of Dandelions are an instant cure for depression. They are also known for their healing powers and are associated with Greek mythology. Even a dead Dandelion conveys a deep meaning of letting go of the past and strengthening our belief in rebirth. Depending on the type of Dandelion used, the symbolism also varies.

Unique Dandelion Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women:

Here are few tattoo dandelion patterns you can go through while thinking to ink one on your body.

1. Dandelion With Birds Tattoo:

Dandelion and birds tattoo symbolises the death of some dear ones. The tattoo carries a single big flower that gives out several small florals along with birds flying in the direction of the sky. It makes us believe in the shortness of life and how we must let go of things, not in our control. This is one of the best female Dandelion tattoos, which can be inked on a wide area like the back.

2. Time and Dandelion Tattoo on Foot:

The dandelion clock tattoo has given a new looking when associated with the slogan “time flies”. The lovely blue small dandelion tattoo is given flying florals with curvy alphabets designed on the feet. This tattoo conveys the message of the passing days with the floating seeds representing them. You can add a pop of colour by adding some blue to the background of the flower.

3. Dark and Light Dandelion Tattoo:

Dark and light effects give a unique look to the dandelion seed tattoo. The main flower is designed with dark black ink, and the flower petals with light greyish pink. This tattoo is a symbolism of letting go of people or past that have served their time on earth. These seeds are sure to take a rebirth somewhere. The tattoo is a perfect figure for the arms or the waist of any male or female.

4. Colourful Dandelion Tattoo:

Looking for a watercolour dandelion tattoo? Here is a spectacular design that comes with multi-colour effects. With various dark and light colours, the tattoo leaves a remarkable effect on the shoulder or back. The colours symbolise the power of these seeds to unleash a new form of life. This Dandelion tattoo on the shoulder shows that life is not all gone, and you can hope for a new beginning.



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