Cute Diamond Tattoo:

Cute Diamond Tattoo:

Diamond Tattoos

For centuries, human beings have practiced a tradition or habit of marking their bodies. The oldest discovery of tattooed skin dates back to 3100 BC, which was found on the body of Ötzi the Iceman; the oldest human mummy in Europe whose body was naturally mummified. Likewise, numerous other tattooed skins have been recovered from a number of places, such as China, Sudan, and Egypt, etc

Indeed, tattoos have held distinct standing for men and women in history. Even though there is little evidence as to why and when men began to get tattoos, they were most commonly found on the bodies of sailors and circus artists. Nonetheless, women were marked for numerous other reasons, like when girls of age would be marked to declare their place in the society, as well as women who got married.

There are numerous cases where people have underestimated the importance of sterilized equipment and were consequently infected with severe diseases, such as hepatitis B and C. These diseases are called bloodborne diseases and spread because of contaminated ink needles. Therefore, it is always advised that one goes to a reliable tattoo artist who you can trust will have safe and sterilized equipment.

The Meaning of Diamond Tattoo

Knowing the wonderful meaning of diamond tattoos will surely encourage you to wear one of them, either permanently or temporarily. Diamond tattoos are currently very fashionable and they have become a symbol frequently used by both women and men in different parts of their body, especially by those who love the beauty of diamond jewellery. (Source: www.joya.life)

What Does Diamond Tattoo Mean?

What rock on the planet has more significance than a diamond? We aren’t sure there is one because the diamond is a huge part of Western culture and is used to represent the glamorous. Not only is it beautiful and expensive, it has a great deal of symbolism. In terms of symbols, the diamond is a very well-known symbol that is almost always associated with wealth and beauty. They are worn as adornments in rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry. Unsurprisingly, the diamond tattoo is quite popular when people either love the look of the jewel or want to combine it with another nice-looking tattoo design.

Diamond tattoos have also been linked to magic as it is rumored to have incredible magical energy. In the Middle Ages only priests and emperors were able to wear them and legends state that Satan could not bear the sight of the light that was bore of the diamond’s brilliance. Interestingly, someone who loves the idea of magical forces might get the diamond tattoo for a similar reason as someone who gets it for its religious meanings.


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