Crow Tattoo:

Crow Tattoo:


Crow Tattoo:

What Is the Meaning of a Crow Tattoo?

To have a crow tattoo inscribed on your body spiritually means that you have a connection with spirit. When it comes to choosing the symbol of your tattoo remember that the crow is wise and clever and knows the different elements of the afterlife. Those that have crow tattoos would naturally have the following traits: (Source: www.auntyflo.com)

Fallen Crow Tattoo Co. – " We Let Our Work Speak for Its Self "

Jon has done all of my tattoos except for one. He is extremely professional and makes you feel that you are more than just a client. He is extremely clean with his work station and I have not had a single issue with how my tattoos have healed up. Even after 2 years, his tattoos remain vibrant and I'm constantly getting compliments on The detail and colors. The tattoo shop itself is an amazing atmosphere and very welcoming. I highly recommend Jon as well as this shop and the other talented/friendly artists that tattoo here. They make you feel like family as soon as you walk in and will even offer to grab you food while you're sitting there getting tatted if they are going out to grab anything. This place and the artists deserve much more than 5 stars

Crow Tattoo: Wisdom, Love, Family or Even Bad Luck and Death

Nowadays, a lot of people around the world decide to get a tattoo and within it, to incorporate some symbol, which to them deems fitting to their character, personality traits, and has a meaning within their life, or they simply decide to have something which will represent a specific time of their life – no matter if it is the past, present or the future. Regarding a lot of people in the world, every single tattoo has a specific meaning and symbolism for everyone. One of those numerous tattoo designs is the crow tattoo. For a lot of people, the crow symbolizes returning to their roots, somewhere they belong. However, everyone may have his or her meaning of this tattoo.

What Does a Crow Tattoo Mean?

Tattoos have become popular and it’s hard to believe they are so old, the 5,300-year-old iceman found in the Alps was decorated with various abstracts including dots and dashes and again these were found on Embalmed Egyptian bodies almost 4,000 years ago. If you are looking for a crow tattoo on your shoulders, chest, neck, or hand then this animal totem has spoken to you.

What Do the Crows Symbolize?

In order to go deeper into the meaning of the crow tattoo, it is important to understand the spiritual meaning. Crows are known to be symbolic of change and transformation. They are creatures that are watchful that have a powerful and sharp foresight. If you happen to cross a crow and feel that energy, this is the hidden potent power that it can transform the bad into something useful or foresight.

Should I Get a Crow Tattoo?

A tattoo tells a story, when choosing a design you need to decide what grabs you emotionally. There has to be some emotional connection. You could choose the most beautiful tattoo in the world, but if it is just for decoration then it might as well be just wallpaper. It does not have a meaning. (Source: www.auntyflo.com)

Are Crows Bad Luck?

The crow in most instances is connected to magic and the power of being able to manipulate its physical appearances. Other meanings traditionally associated with the crow with its bad omen include dark witchcraft and death, sorry to say! The crow carries the power of insight that is prophetic and symbolizing the core or void of creation.

The Crow Spirit Animal a Guide Regarding Determination and Fearlessness

If you have ever watched a group of crows that are ganging up together they can be quite aggressive, they often chase other birds that are bigger than them, it is a trait that makes the crow be a useful animal totem that you need to call upon whenever you need support to deal with adversity. If the crow happens to become your tattoo of choice, you can be encouraged in developing your willpower. (Source:



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