Crescent Moon Tattoos

Crescent Moon Tattoos


Symbolic Crescent Moon Tattoos

Looking for tattoo inspiration? These crescent moon tattoo design ideas will give you ideas for artwork that is a perfect look for you.

What Does Crescent Moon Tattoo Mean?

People often look at crescent moon tattoos and assume they lack meaning, but the truth is that these designs can hold very deep and powerful meanings to their owners. It’s the type of tattoo that can be designed in many ways and can fit anywhere on the skin, so it’s really no surprise at all that plenty of people are opting to get half moon tattoos these days. On this page we will be taking a look at some of the meanings that you can use with a crescent moon tattoo as well as some of the cool ways that you can get one of them designed.

Should You Get a Crescent Moon Tattoo?

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what the crescent moon tattoo represents and how you can get these types of tattoos designed. It’s actually kind of surprising how many meanings can be used with the crescent moon alone considering it’s not something that most of us think about or look at very often. It makes it one of those cool tattoo ideas for someone who wants a design that is a little bit different.

Moon Tattoo You've Always Wante

Getting a moon tattoo is by no means only a modern trend. The moon has been a powerful symbol in the arts, poetry, literature and mythology over centuries in all cultures across the globe.

Every Tattoo Has a Story – Moon As a SymbMoon represents a symbol that has been ocurring during the entire history of humanity: from Greek mythology as Selene, the goddess of the Moon, to the urban legends of nowadays such as the moon landing in 1969. (Source:ol and Its Meanings



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