Couple Tattoos

Couple Tattoos


Couple Tattoos

Like matching outfits and pet names, couple tattoos tend to draw a divide. Some cringe at the idea, while others think there’s no better way to cement their love for their partner. But if getting inked up with your love feels like the next step in your relationship, then it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, does it? At the end of the day, each couple knows what’s best

Are Couple Tattoos a Good Idea?

People express and receive love in various ways. According to relationship expert, Gary Chapman, author of the New York’s Best Seller, The Five Languages and, The Four Seasons of Marriage, “When two people commit to each other – and especially when they commit to communicating love to each other through the five languages – positive change occurs.” How do you communicate love effectively? If and when, getting a couple’s tattoo is part of their love language and will enhance not only their skin but also their relationship, that it’s a visual interpretation of their vows proudly worn on their skin which will serve as a constant reminder of what binds them together, then getting couple’s tattoo is definitely a good idea.

As with any tattoo, before you get inked you should always remember that ink is forever – hopefully, so is your love. A couple matching tattoo can be an expression of eternal love but at the same time it can be a foolish move if things don’t go exactly as you want. So, before doing this step you should consider all the pros and cons of getting couple tattoos. While it works for couples who brave the stormy waters and pitfalls and survive the ups and downs of a relationship, it can be a constant and painful reminder of things gone wrong if the relationship fails to stand the test of time. Getting couple tattoos is a decision that should not be taken lightly for sure. But if you’re sure that a couple tattoo is really what you want, you should always keep in mind a few things that generally apply to any tattoo: opt for an original, unique design and choose something that represents you.

What Does “matching Tattoos” Mean?

For the romantic couple, “matching tattoos” may mean the classic his and hers, identical tattoos which expresses their love for each other. The chosen design can be a complete mirror of the other, or perhaps a male or female version of a specific design such as the king and queen of hearts, or a portion of a certain design such that when brought together the meaning is revealed, like pieces of a puzzle. These designs reveal power stories of love. When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe I son our side.

There are no restrictions on which part of your body you choose to place a tattoo. It can be in the most secluded place on your body, so that only you and your other half will know about or you can choose somewhere that is more obvious like your hands or ankles. (Source: positivefox.com)


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