cool tattoos small

cool tattoos small

Cool tattoo ideas

Haven’t found your perfect tattoo yet? You’re not alone. Having a tough time with what to get? Not to fear. We’ve compiled two lists of the 50 best tattoo ideas for men, so you can find the perfect tattoo for your ink-obsessed soul. We promise that no matter what your ink preference, there’s an idea for you. From traditional tattoos to hand drawn tattoos to tribal designs,


Before heading to the tattoo parlour, it’s vital to sit down and think about a design with personal meaning. This piece of artwork will be on your body for the rest of your life, or it will cost you an arm and a leg to permanently erase it – which often comes with its own set of complications and potential infections. A meaningful tattoo, no matter what or where it is, is always going to trump whatever just looks cool at the time. It’s the story that sells a meaningful tattoo, and next time you get your kit off you’re going to want to have something that’ll help people understand you. And if they can’t, then at least they can respect your sense of individuality.

Geometric creations are celebrated in all forms of art, including tattoo. From simply stacked 2-D shapes of varying sizes to more complicated designs with hidden messages, there is no shortage of inspiring geometric work. Some individuals are into the purely abstract while others are more interested in geometric representations of their favorite animals, objects, or people. Many geometric tattoos showcase an interesting variety of different shapes, patterns and elements that all make up a unique tattoo. (Source: nextluxury.com)


Wings represent strength, freedom and beauty. They also represent a certain magic, which is why they are often associated with fairies and goddesses. The design itself can vary from intricate to simple, and they can be large or small in size, depending on what you want to represent with the tattoo. You may also choose to add additional elements like flowers, swirls, or any other designs you want. One popular variation are angel wings, typically placed on the upper back, which can be a powerful representation of faith.

Another tattoo design that is popular among women is the signature. It has become increasingly trendy to get one’s signature inked onto their skin, and it can be a great way of expressing individuality. Whether you choose to modify your own handwriting or use the font of another famous person, it will always make a statement. Although some may consider this a little too cliché, it can be a great way of playing on initials, or even writing out a short poem that has meaning to you. (Source: pulptastic.com)



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