Color Tattoo

Color Tattoo

Tattoo Colors: Everything You Need to Know

Tattoos have gone from being something associated with soldier and sailors to becoming modern pieces of art. Tattoos now come in countless different styles, with limitless designs and a wide variety of colors. In the last few decades, time and money has gone into developing high quality tattoo ink colors. They are safe and easier to work with, with many cruelty-free and vegan options as well. Now, there will be at least ten inks for every color available to customers. New tattoo ink technology has also minimized allergic reactions and will last for longer. (Source:

To make sure your tattoo color stays looking as good as new for longer, make sure to always wear sunscreen. UV light damage will often create dense collagen and mottle pigmentation. This will result in poorer skin quality that doesn’t take or hold tattoo pigment as well. Keep the tattooed area moisturized to ensure it stays bolder and brighter for longer. Use unscented moisturizers and soaps as they are gentler on the skin. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

How Do I Stop Tattoo Color From Fading?

There are many reasons why tattoo colors fade. It’s important to choose an experienced and professional tattoo artist who knows how to work with colors. The ink they use is more concentrated and better quality, which means it is less likely to fade over time.

Are Color Tattoos More Expensive?

Tattoo artists generally won’t charge more for color tattoos. Non-black tattoo inks are a little bit more expensive, but this usually isn’t taken into consideration unless it is a big all-color piece. Color ink usually fills the spaces, making the process more time-consuming. Most tattoo artists will price by the size or time spent tattooing.

What Is the Best Area for Color Tattoos?

How good your color tattoo looks and for how long it will stay looking good may depend on the area you get tattooed. This is because some body parts are more susceptible to age and weight relayed changes.

What Is the Best Color for Tattoos?

Choosing the color for your tattoo is an important part of the tattoo design process. Colors can change the whole effect of the inking, can help it come to life or to replicate the original image. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)




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