Chris Núñe tattoo

Chris Núñe tattoo


Chris Núñe

Christopher Núñez (born April 11, 1973) is an American tattoo artist, television personality and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Handcrafted Tattoo and Art Gallery, a tattoo shop located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was a judge on the reality television show Ink Master. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

and later became a judge on the Spike network's reality competition, Ink Master, in which tattoo artists compete in challenges assessing their tattoo and related artistic skills. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Tattoo Masters: Chris Nune

American tattoo artist, former Miami Ink cast member, and current Ink Master judge Chris Nunez has had an storied tattoo art career. The Florida based artist and entrepreneur has built a near 30-year career off the back of hard work and talent. (Source: nextluxury.com)

Chris Nunez Tattoonow

"I can say without reservation Gabe Ripley's webinar, and the information presented, was one of the keystones to my career choices and direction the last year. I often quote much of what I learned not only to others, but to myself as well as a reminder to stay on track. I've taken the webinar twice and will purchase it if ever made available on dvd. I can't recommend it highly enough." (Source: www.tattoonow.com)

How Much Do Tattoo Artists Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck Cost

‘Ink Grasp’ is the reality television competitors that we didn’t know we wanted in our lives. The format is pretty easy— tattoo artists battle it out in varied challenges and are judged on the premise of their expertise by trade professionals. Every episode, one particular person is eradicated till somebody wins the coveted title of Ink Grasp, together with a $100,000 prize and a characteristic in Inked Journal. (Source: tattoos.news)

How a Lot Does It Price to Get Tattoos From Inkmasters Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck?

Chris Núñez initially bought into graffiti as a youngster and went on to find his true calling of being a tattoo artist. He first did extra conventionally menial duties earlier than lastly studying the artwork. (He has all the time been grateful for the chance). Apparently, he bought his mother and father’ named tattooed when he was simply 16, making them his first tattoos. (Source: tattoos.news)

Chris Nuñez, who is of Cuban & French descent, grew up in Miami. He made his artistic mark on the world during his early teen years through street graffiti. Chris is very close to his family, his father was his best friend. At 16, Chris's, first tattoos were the names of his parents. Then when, Chris was just 18 his father passed away, leading to rebellion & reckless partying for the next few years. (Source: www.imdb.com)


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