chinese dragon tattoo forearm

chinese dragon tattoo forearm

Chinese dragon tattoo

I got this tattoo because my first name is Tai and the Chinese zodiac is year of the dragon. I knew that my birth surname Tai had a meaning of "tai ti," or "scales of heaven," which reminded me of the power of the Chinese dragon.


Typically pictured as a creature with four legs and claws, a body full of scales shaped like a snake, the Chinese dragons are known to turn into dragon kings and live in the four oceans, creating rain and protecting sea dwellers, and providing wisdom. However, even in the cultures of the East, there is a difference between the Chinese and Japanese symbols and meanings of the dragon. The most noticeable difference between them is the number of toes on their claws. Apart from that, this ancient mythical creature represents a fiercer monstrous image in Japan than in China although it is known to provide good luck and wisdom similarly. The Japanese dragon seems to be a mixture of both western and eastern cultures. Being rich in culture and mythology the dragon has been depicted in the tribal art styles of both China and Japan and is one of the most infamous tattoo designs all over the world.

This beautiful depiction of a Chinese dragon tattoo is ferocious yet packed with finer details. This sleeve tattoo with its blue eyes and fine lines shows your ability to see the bigger picture while keeping an eye out for the little details. It shows that you can balance both of them out without losing yourself in one thing and ignoring the other. It shows that you have a plan before taking every step but are also unafraid of taking it as it comes. If you want a tattoo that will show represent your inner self, then this just could be the one you are looking for. It also has a touch of the dragon from the Dragon Ball series, Shenron. (Source: outsons.com)


When it comes to talking about the portrayal of dragons in fiction, we can not miss mentioning the dragons of ‘Game Of Thrones’. Those fierce creatures took not just Westeros by storm but its after-effects were felt here in the real world as well. They inspired a myriad of dragon tattoos, one of which we can even see on the wrist of actress Emilia Clarke who gave a face to our queen ‘Mother Of Dragons’ Daenerys Targaryen. Inspired by that, this is a little tattoo of three dragons at flight. This dragon tattoo represents a force of nature, rebirth or new beginnings, and the rise from the roadside to the proverbial throne. If you want to get a dragon tattoo that is a little different from the typical Japanese or Chinese dragon, then this could be the one for you.




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