Chest best Tattoos for Men:

Chest best Tattoos for Men:

The Dangerous Wolf Chest Tattoos:

These kinds of chest tattoos for men designs are getting popular among the youngsters these days. This is a simple tattoo inked with just border. The tattoo shoes how a wolf has gained victory in chasing and killing his enemy. Thus this kind of tattoo is inked by the wrestlers or those who are not afraid of their enemies and are strong enough to fight any situation. This tattoo best fits on the chest so that it can give a proper view. This is one of the great chest tattoo designs for men.

Mermaid Chest Tattoos for Women:

Mermaids are the most sought-after designs among females chest tattoos. The tattoo includes a mermaid peeping out of water. The mermaid is a symbol of freedom, joy and happiness. Hence the wearer of such tattoos is a woman who is always cheerful in her thoughts. Also, the girls who are living apart from their families can get this tattoo inked to show their strength to the people. Loves to live a life which gives her freedom. The beautiful colour used makes it more adorable. It is one of the popular ladies chest tattoo ideas. 

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LARGE SIZE: 7 sheets temporary tattoos, stickers size 8*6 inch, used for arms, shoulders, back, legs and any other part of your body. Semi permanents tattoo also can apply them to some smooth objects, for example, glass, cup, stationery, plastic, car etc. EASY TO APPLY: In 10-20 seconds with just water ,You can paste it quickly in less than a minute,Temporary Tattoo keep a natural look for 3-5 days (like a fresh tattoo). EASY TO BE REMOVED: It is recommended to use alcohol, baby oil and makeup remover, alcohol is better than makeup remover. FULL OF MASULINITY: Stick the 7 patterns which full of masculinity on your body, the powerful god of war, brave pterodactyl and cross design will help you show your manliness and charm. LONG LASTING&WATERPROOF: The temporary tattoos are waterproof. Last on skin for 3-5 days or longer, depending on how you take care of them. We are striving to provide high quality temporary tattoos and excellent customer service. (Source: www.amazon.com)

Cool Tattoos:

This is hands down a jaw dropping, elaborate, highly pigmented half body suit tattoo. The collaboration of the artist and wearer must be given a standing ovation. The amount of work, talent and commitment to complete an enormous body of art is astonishing. It is a gallery of tattoos centered on the skull with added intricate detailing and rendering to make it look realistic and cohesive.

This definitely fits the definition of a warrior tattoo. It looks sinister enough to match the personality of a warrior as the eyes lead you to look at the menacing center of this creation. The black contouring makes this piece look like it should be worn by a brave man. (Source:

A very inspiring set of words, stunningly inked with a deep meaning to match right below the collar bone which is one of the more painful area to inked on. The wing gently spread out at the other side of the chest looks and feel light yet heavily countered in black. These two sets of simple chest tattoos for guys provide contrast in meaning, the longstanding battle of good and evil.

These lovely horses’ reflection on a metal plate. They are illustrated masterfully and shaded in black and gray. The play of contrast is fluid enough to make the horses like they are moving. And in contrast the body armor looks very vibrant and detailed. The artist made sure that there is harmony once the whole concept is executed to fit into one cohesive design. 


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