Chakra Tattoo:

Chakra Tattoo:

Chakra Tattoo:

1. What Does a Chakra Tattoo Symbolize?

The chakra symbol has for many centuries been a symbol of different attributes that shows the power and deep connection of the mind, body, and spirit (soul). The theory behind the power of the chakra is that different chakras can get clogged or closed as time goes on. If you wish to start the process of healing and growth of any kind, you’re going to like and enjoy loads of different chakras that we have prepared in this article. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

Chakra Tattoo Time?!

Reset your mind, body, and soul with the right tattoo. Let us know which one chakra color and print you can’t wait to represent and start rocking! Get in tune with your personality, get to know yourself, and tell us what print was your favorite from the list? Time to start rocking and wearing something new, colorful, and bold.

What Does Chakra Tattoo Mean?

Though not quite as popular as other types of tattoo designs, the chakra tattoo is the perfect choice for people who like the look of mandalas and who want a very meaningful design on their skin. These designs range from the large and vibrant to the smaller and colorless, so they can definitely work for a lot of different tastes. Below you will find some of the most important information on chakra tattoos, including some of the ways that you can get them designed and the meanings that you can use with them if you end up getting one.

About Our Healing Tattoos – Chakra Boosters

Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ are the easiest way to move through blocks in any area of your life. My temporary tattoos beautify your body while boosting your seven main energy centers – even while you sleep! Your energy centers – called chakras – are responsible for your wealth, sexuality, power, love life, personal expression, intuition, spirituality, and overall health. With Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™, you can effortlessly and continuously improve these key areas of your life.

Yes, Real Men Do Wear Chakra Tattoos!

“Your tattoos are fantastic and I’ve been reaping the benefits. I put a root chakra tattoo on my lower spine last week and my money took off! I actually received a $5,000 check in the mail that I totally didn’t know was coming. I tell people about how awesome your tattoos are. Much Love.” ~ Joel Blanchard (Source: www.chakraboosters.com)


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