Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon Tattoos

One day, a single cartoon changed my life. I was waiting at a bus stop in a college town, and a man approached me. The bus was late, and I was tired, so I sighed and looked away from the waiting passengers. Too late, I noticed he was walking toward me and had a hungry look in his eye. I stepped away from him as soon as he drew close. Why? Because I had a small tattoo of a cartoon on my arm. Who would ever ask me to remove it in exchange for money? I was devastated for weeks. But in the end, I realized.

Cartoon Tattoos to Relive Your Childhoo

Who says you cannot watch cartoons when you grow up? Cartoons are an integral part of a person’s childhood and can play a role in their personality development. Turning on the TV in the morning and watching your favorite cartoon is a fond childhood memory of many of us. Many people relieve their childhood memories by watching their favorite cartoons whenever they get time. Some even throw a cartoon themed birthday.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Cartoon Tattoo?

A good tattoo artist should never rush the tattooing process. Remember, you have to live with this piece of art for the rest of your life. Larger, more complex, pieces can take tens of hours and will usually take several sittings to complete. A small piece, about the size of the back of your hand, will take an hour or two. Show your artist your design and the size you want it, they will be able to accurately let you know how long it will take.

Cartoon Superman Tattoo Design for Men:

Superman is a legendary fictional character. He is an icon and well known throughout the world for his superpowers. He holds an eminent position in the world of cartoons and a tattoo that symbolises him is sure to be appreciated. Superman tattoos are favourite among boys especially are created in the image of the legendary cartoon characters as well as the logo. The picture of superman is crafted on the arm while the logo is more famously sported on the chest or face according to your choice.

Tom and Jerry Cartoon Tattoos on Thigh:

Tom and Jerry cartoon character has always an all-time favourite for all the age group. It is being watched and enjoyed by everyone. Tom hilarious way of catching Jerry breaks everyone into laughter and Jerry’s tricky way of annoying Tom is also remarkable. Because of these characters both the cartoon characters are tattoo by all generation. You can use colored ink to give it a better look also. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

The Cool Cartoon Fairy Tales Tattoo:

Fairy Tales are an important part of one’s childhood cartoon life. They have such unique characters that every story becomes an unforgettable memory. From Beauty and the Beast to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; all of them hold a special place in one’s heart. They are bright, colourful and also stand as a symbol of happiness. These qualities make fairy tales an excellent idea for tattoo designs

The Funny Simpsons Cartoon Style Tattoo on Leg:

Although the Simpsons is an adult animated television show, it has been declared to be one of the best cartoon serials to exist. They have over twenty-five seasons and each and every episode have been liked by its viewers. The Simpsons are indeed very popular and a brilliant idea for tattoos. This is one of the perfect cartoon tattoos for men with different colour combinations.

Cartoon Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo on Lower Back:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the most wanted couple in the world of cartoons. From young to old, everyone loves them. They are great characters and a fantastic idea for tattoo designs. They are the top choices for the kids as well as for elderly person and are most appreciated as a tattoo. As they both are the most adorable couple tattoo and are loved by all age groups.

Small Tweety Bird Cartoon Tattoo:

Tweety is a cute yellow adorable little bird that has been loved mostly by the girls. She is popular and a fancy idea for tattoo designs. This small cute bird displays its innocence and that’s the reason all cute pretty girls also love this cute bird as their favourite cartoon character. You can rock the party with this type of smart cartoon tattoo. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

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