Capricorn Tattoo designs

Capricorn Tattoo designs

Capricorn tattoo

This ancient and old design is especially popular with the Capricorns. It makes them look deeper and more focused. The bell-shaped “bee” is usually a symbol of trade and lots of money. The bird is regarded as a symbol of longevity and happiness, while the heart sans-body looks like a symbol of eternal love, sisterhood, and strong women bond. Colorful and aesthetically pleasing, these designs are the best choices for modern-day tattoos.


This Capricorn pattern looks ferocious and ready to fight back. It looks like it has inched backward only to prepare itself to lounge forward and give its foe one nasty blow. But keeping the violence aside for a while, this Capricorn tattoo design is outrageously good. In this tattoo, the horns are bent backward and very close to the body. The goat has fury on its face. The drift of the long flowing hair looks like the animal is in movement. On the other hand, the tail looks very interesting with ridges in the front similar to what you can observe on the skin of a snake. The tail has spots that make it look like a reptile’s skin rather than the scales of a fish. The tail ends with a fin that spread out and is intricately detailed with lines and shading.

They say that Capricorns are diligent and responsible. So when it comes to inking, Capricorns might be the most trustworthy people at researching on what tattoos will best fit our style and personality. Many Capricorn designs involve the gothic recreation of the goat with the long tail of a mermaid. Some even go for the Capricorn star on their wrists or arms. Others like their Capricorn tattoos more medieval-like, showing more of the frontal side of the Sun-Goat. For those with the chick type of personality, they usually opt for the less goat-face and more of the mermaid type. (Source: www.sortra.com)


It would be quite fallacious to furnish the Capricorn tattoos one blanket definition as these tattoos can have their own meanings which might be different for different people. Although various things are associated with the meaning regarding your tattoo, the sort of Capricorn tattoo you have on your frame is the largest determinant of the meaning of your ink. Getting a Capricorn Zodiac tattoo is not common, and neither is getting yourself inked. But if you are a Capricorn and also enthusiastic about getting a goad head or a complete goat tattooed on your skin, it is your call. There are thousands of patterns to pick from. Not only are Capricorn tattoos meaningful, but they are also beautiful and mysterious.

This Capricorn tattoo is placed just beneath the left should of the woman. It may appear like a number “6” at first glance but it is actually the symbol of the Capricorn. Although red in color, it has been outlined in black to give it a sort of neatness. What makes this tattoo special is that it appears to be dedicated to a special someone. Observe the pink ribbon that spreads in a drifting manner over the tattoo. It has a name on it. If there is someone special in your life, this tattoo is a genuine idea. Not only does the tattoo make you look beautiful, but it will also make your significant other feel special. (Source: bodyartguru.com)



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