Cactus Tattoo

Cactus Tattoo

24 Fascinating Cactus Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

A thorn in your eye that actually is very pleasing to see; these are the cactus tattoos so let’s jump right into their fascinating meanings. We’ll start from the way back – Ancient Greece. Kaktos was the word for the unknown mysterious spiny plants for which Greeks didn’t have a name yet. So the mystery is the number one meaning for the cactus tattoo. Secondly, Native American Indians were spiritual people who carved cactus shapes in stones around their homes for protection. Believing that a plant that could survive in such conditions where many simply can’t, is a reflection of strength, and people should be strong as well yet still carry warmth inside – as a cactus has its wonderful flowers, besides its rough spiny outsides. Next for cactus tattoo symbolism scan be endurance, adaptability, as already said, the harsh climate, still, life grows. It tells you’re tough. It can say you’re a survivor, someone who lived through something extremely heavy, or that you’re willing to go to hell and back in life just to get what you want. As for ladies, when it comes to cactus tattoo designs, the best is saved for last. Wonderful colorful flowers of cactus can mean certain things for each color, but generally, for cactus tattoos, it directly symbolizes maternal love. Warmth, protection, and taking care of somebody; cactus juice was used for a long time as a medicine for wounds and sicknesses. On a fun side, it can simply say “Don’t Touch Me”, but as well it can symbolize power and loneliness (desert). For couples, it’s lust and sexual attraction. For artists, it’s an everlasting play with green shapes of often cute smiling spiky plants. So many brilliant reasons, and now even I want one. (Source: www.sortra.com)

What Makes a Cactus Special?

Outsons.com)Sometimes it’s hard to believe they are actual plants and not alien creatures from outer space. Cacti come in all shapes, sizes and colors, fit for everyone’s liking. They replaced a feebly stem for a fleshy one we all love and know today. That’s where they tucked away the water storage. As they have no need for leaves in a desert, they replaced them with those pesky thorns. Truly majestic plants to revere for their strength and defiance!

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