Bull Tattoo

Bull Tattoo

Bull Tattoo Meanings

Mankind has been fascinated with the animals since prehistoric times. Some of the earliest cave drawings of bulls have been found in Lascaux, France. The Mythic Bull of Heaven is a prominent character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is thought to be a close parallel to the Biblical versions of The Great Flood and The story of Adam and Eve. (Source: www.itattoodesigns.com)

Top 32 Aggressive Bull Tattoo Design Ideas (2021 Updated

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What Does a Bull Tattoo Symbolize?

Did you know that bulls represent the true fighting spirit of every being? This is why they are widely used in many Sports logos. If you get a bull tattoo it will represent your wild spirit and your will to fight through everything. Show that you’re always coming out of everything as a winner and a strong-willed and minded person. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

Where to Place a Bull Tattoo?

Since the print itself is large and dominant it would only make sense for you to get a large and noticeable tattoo. This is why most people stick to and choose back or leg tattoos. Smaller bull tattoos can also work, just make sure that you’re comfortable with rocking a miniature tattoo somewhere where it is not as common, such as your forearm or chest.

Full-Sized Bull Tattoo Idea for the People With a Fierce Nature

This absolutely amazing full-sized bull tattoo idea just oozes with strength and power! The artwork done by the artist is stunning to see as it covers the entire back of the body. Bull tattoos like this are perfect for the male or female who are not afraid to flaunt what they have. (Source:

Why Did Dwayne Johnson Cover His Brahma Bull Tattoo?

Dwayne Johnson, who's better known to WWE fans as The Rock, is probably the most successful wrestler to step foot in the acting industry. The Great One was called 'The Brahma Bull' during his time in WWE and also had a tattoo representing it on his right arm. (Source: www.sportskeeda.com)

When Was the Last Time Dwyane Johnson Appeared in Wwe?

Dwayne Johnson Has Massive Bull Tattoo Enhanced With 30 Hours of 'challenging' Work

Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne "the Rock' Johnson has documented the long process of his latest ink on his Instagram account. The design covers up a previous small tattoo he had more than two decades ago in his early pro wrestling days.



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