Broken Heart Tattoo:

Broken Heart Tattoo:

I was 19 years old, freshly home after the end of my second year of college, when my fingers began to itch. Enough late night archery, I thought, time to get a tattoo. I’ve always loved tattoos, but I’ve only gotten 4. My left hand is covered in painful memory, my right hand is covered with thoughts, emotions, thoughts, fear, thoughts, fear. It's the only thing on me that never changes. And my hand is completely covered with fingers, all the way up to the elbow, my skin is old and dry, and my fortitude is resigned

100 Broken Heart Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Broken Heart Tattoo Meaning: A broken heart symbolizes heartbreak or failure. Heart is a symbol of love and the broken hearts holds meaning opposite to it. A broken heart can represent a loss, in respect to nation, in respect to loved ones and also it can represent healing and learning. Broken heart tattoo also symbolize lost love but the person involved is still alive. It can be because the circumstances made this situation or the other person just walked away. Few types of broken heart tattoos are:

50 Broken Heart Tattoo Design Idea

Broken heart tattoos can be strong visual symbols of lost love, heartache, and pain. They can represent losing a family member or partner, or a failed relationship. No matter what the specific meaning is, a broken heart tattoo can powerfully express the painful emotion and hurt experienced by the wearer. At the same time, it also gives you something to remember and commemorate the event so you can stay positive to move on.

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Broken heart tattoos are one of those tattoos that have just a little bit of sorrow attached somewhere. It doesn’t matter why you’re getting this tattoo. There has to have been some sadness and grief at some time. Maybe you’ve transcended, and now it’s a reminder, or perhaps you’re still in the midst. It will affect your decision on broken heart tattoos, so take a little time to reflect on your purpose. Specifically, people wear them because they represent that you no longer love another, that a person they love has left this world and gone on to another, or that someone they love no longer loves them.



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