Book Tattoo:

Book Tattoo:

900+ Tattoo Book Ideas in 2021

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Awe-Inspiring Book Tattoos for Literature Lover

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. They are ways of identifying yourself. They help you express how you are feeling and make important marks for things that mean a lot to you. In a world where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, there is something poetic about the permanence of a tattoo. People love to dedicate a space on their skin to represent something which they love so it should come as no surprise that many have chosen to adorn their bodies with art which celebrates their love for literature. Whether it’s a pile of books, a character, or a quotation, there are thousands of book tattoos out there. If you’re ready to take that next step with proclaiming your love for books, check out these beautiful literary tattoos.

These Book Tattoos Are the Perfect Way to Wear Your Love for Literature

There’s no wonder that book inspired tattoos are so popular because literature brings a lot of inspiration to many people’s lives. Books can teach you great lessons of life, make you dream or laugh, or can give you new ways to achieve one thing. They are like a magic carpet that carries your imagination to the ends of the universe or the beginning of time—or to it’s end, for that matter. Some people love books so much they re-read them. Other people love them so much they get permanently inked with tattoos in homage to them. We made a selection with the most beautiful book inspired tattoos that we’ve found out there. From traditional designs to new school ink styles, each holds an interesting meaning and story.

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71 Cool Book Tattoos That Are Pretty Badass

If you are someone that loves books or maybe you’re even a writer, and you want to represent your love for writing or just for books in general, then you could get a cool book tattoo. They are one of the newest trends out there, and a literary tattoo means having a truly unique tattoo.



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